Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Power Email Recovery for Outlook Express (free) - Power
Email Recovery for Outlook Express is a professional data recovery
software that recovers damaged *.dbx files where MS Outlook Express
stores folders with messages. It also recovers accidentally deleted
messages. The unique recovery technology allows the user to read
damaged *.dbx files created by Outlook Express and recover
accidentally deleted messages. Recovered messages are in the .eml
format and can be imported into Outlook Express mail and news bases.
· Standard "Outlook Express" - style interface.
· Host OS: Windows 9x, ME, NT, 2000, XP.
· Supported *.dbx file formats: MS Outlook Express 5.0, 5.01, 5.5, 6.0
· Automatic or manual search for message base files. R-Mail searches
for message bases on all (including network) disks visible by the host
operating system.
· Recovered messages may be opened directly in MS Outlook Express.
· Recovered messages may be saved in the *.eml file format on any
(including network) disks visible by the host operating system.
· Message source view.
System Requirement
Pentium-class processor, 64MB RAM (128 MB recommended), Windows 98/Me/
Note: When doing any operation, Power Email Recovery for Outlook
Express never deletes from disks, writes to, or modifies in any way,
original message bases.
Attention: If you believe that any of your mail or news bases is
damaged, DO NOT START OUTLOOK EXPRESS! It may change the message base
file in a such way that all messages will be completely deleted.

MP3 Repair Resources

------- MP3 Repair Instructions -------
* How to repair, fix MP3 files -
* mp3 Decoder Tests Corrupt File Test -
* MP3 GAPS - avoiding them and repairing them -
------- MP3 Verifier Tools -------
* Fake MP3 Detector -
* MP3 Validator -
* MP3-Check (Eric Bullen - version 1.98 right now) -
* mp3check (for Linux and BSD - Ryan C. Gordon -version 1.6 now) -
* mp3check (Johannes Overmann - version 0.8 now) -
* MP3Trim (will work as an MP3 Validator) -
* AbleBurn -
* enco (Correctly failed to list corrupt MP3's of mine) -
------- MP3 Repair Tools -------
* MP3 Repair Tool -
* Unphuck -
* Uncook95(similar to the above) -
* AbleBurn -
* MP3 Validator (will also repair) -
* MP3Trim (can be used to fix MP3 files because you can trim out
sections that cause your player or encoder to crash) -
------- MP3 DecoderTools (Decode Corrupt MP3 and Make Good WAV File)
* CDEx (can decode MP3's found to be corrupt by other decoders using
Lame and own native decoder) -
* RazorLame (can decode semi -corrupt MP3 files to WAV ones using Lame
back end) -
* MP3 to WAV Decoder (decode corrupt MP3 to good WAV) -

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

MP3 Player Reocvery Tool
- As part of our ongoing efforts to support you, Creative is happy to
introduce the MP3 Player Recovery Tool, a program that resolves the
majority of player problems quickly.
One click is all it takes to update your player to the latest
available firmware, and to give your player a clean bill of health.
ZEN X-Fi 16GB/32GB Wireless LAN
ZEN Mozaic
ZEN Vision W 30GB/60GB
ZEN Vision *
ZEN Vision:M 30GB/60GB
ZEN Stone Plus with Speaker
ZEN Stone Plus
ZEN Stone with Speaker
ZEN Stone
ZEN V Plus
ZEN V (Video)
ZEN Micro Photo *
ZEN Nano Plus
MuVo T200
MuVo T100
MuVo V200
MuVo V100
MuVo Micro N200
MuVo Slim *
DMP FX100 *
* Windows XP only

Hasleo Data Recovery FreeV3.2 - Free as in Freeware - Permanently from Hasleo Software "Hasleo Data Recovery FreeV3.2 100% Free Data Recovery Software...