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RAID Data Recovery Case

Fault Description:
As Raid card hardware failure, resulting in four groups Raid5 in the three groups on the system can not be identified. Array of data is very important, even if the replacement Raid card, re-configure the raid information, and it does not guarantee data security. After further reflection, the customer decided to find a relatively safe ways to bring the data back out, and then decided to replace the hardware devices.


The face in front of 42 from the array of pull down the size of the optical interface for the 146GB hard drive, technical engineers, if not a wealth of experience and deep knowledge of data recovery, one can not calm themselves, and second, convince customers. Escort age boys calmly took over the project.
The first step to determine the disk drive from the 1-42 group number, the first group, second group, the third group of faults Raid5 composed by 14 disk. Each raid of 14 tray is not a node 14 disk, but the number of nodes in the disk are, fortunately hardware engineers in the configuration when the raid made a detailed record of 42 provinces from the disk analysis which is a group of 14 disk raid5 time, raid5 disk group to confirm successful completion.

The second step, analyzing the data toward the bottom of this step is raid data recovery the most critical step in, if you analyze data from a group of raid5 combination of laws, the other two groups also turned out in a matter of course. With experience in the future, raid5 is the most common and relatively easy to analyze, which unlike the HP RAID ADG, Raid1 + e, Raid1 extended so as hard. Engineers quickly analyze the data combination of the law.

The third step, re-analysis of the data if the data is a key step toward the case, then the reorganization of data is the core technology. Fly-off data recovery with independent intellectual property rights of flight passenger data reorganization Raid software, any one can be re-Raid data. Some data recovery companies Whenever an algorithm is more complicated raid, with the market data recovery software can not do, they think can not be repaired. The fundamental is the non-professional skills, with the second-rate or free of foreign cracked version of the data recovery software to restore the high-end raid failure, can only be luck, there is no theoretical and technical support. Flying off raid recovery technology, which in theory can prove that the failure was incorrigible, and which can not be saved in.
Problems encountered in actual operation:

Days of unpredictable things can happen, people have good and bad fortune overnight. In the RAID data recovery process, the data not displayed in your eyes before you do not say OK, because there are more uncertainties in the head. Had thought that the first group fail raid re very smoothly, and did not expect that there is a 14 disk drive identification is not normal, then we lack in this block of disk data reorganization, did not expect that, when combined to the 70GB disk found in a large number of physical or bad Road, we can only terminate the program. When they find out there are two raid5 and two or more physical disk failure occurs, data recovery to this stage of people's emotions is the most depressed and hard to endure. But the rule of thumb, we decided to have bad sectors on the hard disk to be a separate image, and then re-image files. If nothing works, we can only repair disk does not recognize a piece of. Finally overcome all the difficulties and successfully recovered all the data.

In the high-end storage device fails, we must first think of the importance of data, in fact, this is a sense of thinking and a backup. If the data is very important, we recommend that do not make any exaggerated faulty equipment operation (refer to Rebuild, initialization, synchronization of data, re-equipped with raid, etc.), these operations are more fatal, is not reversible. To seek a professional data recovery company, to provide you with a reasonable recovery program, you can rest assured that your hard drive sent to the operating table. Those non-professional company, if asked to provide an array card or resume the server to do so, you should consider its technical reliability.

Hard drive Data recovery from deleted data and lost partition

With the development of science and technology, 160G, 250G hard drive in the ordinary users have been commonplace. However, the use of a long hard process, we also suffer from hard drive to keep the risk of error, ranging from the hard drive data loss, heavy scrap the entire hard disk, resulting in unpredictable and potentially severe consequences. Methods to be adopted to solve the common hard drive data loss failures, as a user is very concerned about the issue.
A hard disk partition

For the hard drive in your hands, the first thing to do is partition. Hard disk partition whether it is reasonable to work beyond the direct impact on the convenience and data security. We can often see the hard disk partition table errors were also the most serious errors, different errors might lead to different types of losses. If there is no active partition flag, then the computer does not start. However, after the boot floppy or CD-ROM drive can read and write, reset the active partition by fdisk can be repaired. If it is a partition type of error will cause the loss of a partition.

Under normal circumstances, after the completion of the hard disk partition, will form three kinds of forms of regional state; that is the primary partitions, extended partitions and non-DOS partition.
Africa DOS partition on the hard disk (Non-DOSPartition) is a special district form, which is a separate hard drive in an area carved out for another operating system used on the primary partition of the operating system is concerned, yes 1 is divided out of storage space. Only non-DOS operating system in order to sub-district management and use of this piece of storage area, non-DOS partition outside the system, the sub-region generally can not access the data.
The primary partition is a relatively simple partition, usually located on the top of a hard disk area, constitutes a logical C disk. One of the primary boot program is a part of it, this section is primarily used to detect the hard disk partition program correctness, and to determine active partition, is responsible for guiding the activities of the right to be transferred to the DOS partition or other operating systems. This section will be unable to process damaged boot from the hard drive, but after the soft areas or light areas on the hard drive can read and write.
The concept of the extended partition is more complicated, and very easily lead to the hard disk partition and logical disks confusion; partition table as the fourth bytes of the value of partition type, the normal bootable DOS partition larger than 32mb Basic value of 06, the extended DOS partition value is 05. If the basic DOS partition type to 05 can not start the system, and can not read and write data on them.
If DOS does not recognize 06 types of change, such as efh, the DOS Partition that change is not a DOS partition, of course, can not read and write. Many people take advantage of this type of value is to achieve a single partition encryption technology to restore the original values of the right type can make the partition back to normal.
The partition table there are other data are used to record the start or termination of the address of partition. These data will result in damage to the partition of the confusion or loss of, generally can not be manually restored, the only way is to backup the data to re-write the partition table back, or from other conditions the same type and the same hard disk partition to obtain data on the partition table, otherwise will result in permanent loss of other data.
As the computer operating system, partition table reserved only for the 64 bytes of storage space, while the parameters of each partition occupies 16 bytes, so the operating system only allows four partitions of the data is stored, the actual use of the four Logical Disk often do not meet the demand; We often say that extended partition hard drive, it's just a pointer pointing to the next one partition, this pointer structure will form a one-way linked list. So, once the one-way linked list problem occurs, will result in the loss of logical disks.
Second, the hard drive data recovery

1, mistakenly formatted hard disk data recovery
In the DOS version of the high state, the formatting operation format in the default state, have been established for recovery formatted disk information, is actually the disk DOS boot sector, fat partition table and copy all the contents of the table of contents to the last few sectors of the disk (because the latter sector is rarely used), while the contents of the data area has not changed. We can use a variety of data recovery software to recovery, such as the use of Easyrecovery6.0 and Finaldata2.0 other recovery software may facilitate the conduct of data recovery work. Another DOS also provides a miror disk command is used to record the current information for the formatted or deleted after the resumption of the use of this method is also more effective.

2, zero track damage of data recovery
Hard disk master boot record area (MBR) on the zero track. MBR in the hard disk cylinder 0 track 0 sector 1, which holds the hard disk master boot program and hard disk partition table. In a total of 512 bytes of hard disk master boot record sector, the 446-byte belongs to the hard disk master boot program, 64 bytes belong to the hard disk partition table (DPT), 2 bytes (55AA) belongs to partition end marker.
Zero track, once damaged, will the hard disk master boot program and partition table information will be severely damaged, leading to the hard disk can not boot. 0 Track damage to determine: the system self-test pass, but the startup partition C drive directory is lost or missing, a regular hard disk, "creak ... creak ..." and seek sound, run SCANDISK scan C drive, in the first cluster A red "B", or Fdisk can not find the hard disk, DM died in the 0 track, on which this case is zero track damage!
Zero track damage to belong to one of the hard disk bad sectors, but its location is important, so once they are damaged, it will have serious consequences. Usually 0 tracks damaged hard drive, the DE can be PCTOOLS disk editor (or DiskMan) to make a sector 0 track deflection, using a track to track to be used as a 0. The data can be Easyrecovery to cluster according to recover, but the data are not guaranteed to be fully restored.

3, partition table repair damaged data
The hard disk master boot record (MBR) where the sector is also the focus of attacks where viruses, by destroying the main boot sector of the DPT (partition table), it can easily damage the hard disk partition information to achieve the purpose of the destruction of the data. The damage to the partition table is damaged Ershi partition the data records are destroyed. Therefore, we can use the software to be repaired. After the hard disk partitions to back up a partition table to floppy disks, CD-ROMs or removable storage disk activity.
In the recovery partition on the NDD Norton Disk Doctor is absolutely powerful tool that can automatically repair partition is lost, and so on, you can save data in the floppy disk bad area, forced to read out the blank, after moving to other sectors. A hard disk crash or unusual circumstances, it may give the user a glimmer of hope. In the event of problems, with the boot disk, run the NDD, select Diagnose diagnosis. NDD would be hard to conduct a comprehensive scan, if there is wrong, then it will give you prompt, and then only according to the software can be prompted to select a restoration project, and these problems that it can be easily solved.
In addition, we are very familiar with the Chinese Disk Utility DiskMan, in rebuilding the partition table has a very useful feature, used to repair the partition table, but the damage is the most appropriate.
However, the reconstruction of the partition table functions are not guaranteed to achieve 100 percent of the repaired hard
isk partition table. So remember, "Who is not as seeking its own demand" or to protect their hard bar! Try to avoid hardware damage and virus intrusion, we must do a good job of backup partition table; If there is no backup, please download a DiskMan software, and then in the tool options, select the backup partition table, the general default is backed up to floppy above. Then you should not take this backup file to burn to CD or copied to the U tray, do not put hard disk, so there is no backup with the effect of a sample of!  

4, data recovery after the accidentally deleted data
In the computer process, we use the most common is accidentally deleted data recovery after the data recovery, but at this time to remember, do not revert to the partition or disk to write the information, because newly deleted files are most likely to resume.
Indeed, when the hard disk using fdisk to delete partitions, the superficial is the hard drive data has completely disappeared, without formatting the hard disk will be displayed when entering an invalid drive. Specifically, that is to remove the hard disk partition table information, while the hard disk of any partition data are not changed.
As with the formatting operation to delete the data section of the paper essentially does not move, so, give provide the possibility of file recovery. As long as we use some undelete software (it works by comparing the partition table to recover the file), users can easily achieve the purpose of file recovery. At the same time mistakenly to restore accidentally deleted formatted the same way in the use of basically no big difference, as long as no use Fdisk command disrupt hard disk partition (using FDISK command to partition the hard disk of less than 80G, is still very convenient and practical, and All have a boot disk, motherboard support is no problem), to restore the file is not occupied by the clusters occupied by other files, so that most of the data before formatting can still be restored.
If your Windows system can be used normally, then the easiest recovery method is to use Windows version of EasyRecovery software, hard disk data recovery function is very powerful, not only to restore the files removed from the Recycle Bin, but also to restore the format of the FAT16, FAT32, or NTFS partition files.

Fixing windows 7 Instability

Tips: To make windows 7 as stable as possible, the windows 7 Hardware Compatibility List (WHCL) must be used because they have been tested by Microsoft specifically for use under windows 7.
If windows 7 only misbehaves on very hot days in the room where you work, you should suspect that the system is overheating. If you don’t have air conditioning or other means of cooling the room, shut down your PC and let it cool for a few hours or until the temperature drops a bit. You may want to move the PC into a room where the temperature changes are more moderate.
Prevention: Limiting Your Risks,” you already have a solid blueprint for reducing your chances of encountering a serious instability or incompatibility issue with windows 7. This section zeroes in on ways you can work within windows 7 to try to resolve problems beyond those you’ve learned. Below lists some of the common problems you may see with windows 7 and suggests ways you might resolve them.

Windows 7 Problems and How to Investigate Them :
  • Display degrades as you work : This problem is often the fault of an out-of-date video adapter driver. It can also indicate low desktop resources. First, restart your system. If that doesn’t resolve it, check for a video driver update.
  • Freezing when you try to run programs: This could be the result of low hard disk space (you would need to make some available), failing or incompatible memory, corrupted applications (reinstall them), or a virus (perform a complete virus scan).
  • Missing file errors: This is most likely tied to a file you deleted without properly uninstalling or removing it from windows 7. You may need to reinstall the program the file is part of or the file itself or copy back the file from your backup copies.
  • Pointing device won’t cooperate:This could be dirt inside the mouse or trackball or on the mouse pad; clean these items thoroughly. It could also be tied to an out-of-date video adapter driver or an unresponsive program running in the windows 7 background.
  • Registry errors: If these errors prevent you from getting into windows 7, you may need to reboot using the Last Known Good Configuration option in windows 7 XP. From the command prompt, run the Registry checking tool Scanreg by typing Scanreg /fix.
  • Same program crashes each time: This could be the result of a bad program installation. Try removing the program through Add and Remove Programs in Control Panel and then reinstall the program.
  • Slowness: This could indicate many things: low available disk space (have at least 300MB free in windows 7 XP and no less than 100MB free for earlier windows 7 versions), low desktop resources (a restart should refresh them), running the system with too little memory (add more), or a badly fragmented hard drive (use Disk Defragmenter). Also look at what programs are running in the windows 7 background and terminate.
  • windows 7 keep closing on their own : First, restart your PC to be sure this isn’t a transient problem. windows 7 could also be corrupted or low on available memory, or there could be a conflict between programs you’re running.

How to take care of windows 7
While I know many people hold a different view, I’ve always been amazed at how much abuse windows 7 can take before it starts to pitch a real fuss.
As long as I try to correct problems as they crop up, I can go a few years, a few versions, and lots of testing in between periods of instability that require much effort to resolve. Trust me: I wish the rest of my life ran so smoothly.
But I don’t ascribe this to luck or to a perfect operating system. Knowing that the work I do (beta testing software, deliberately trying to “break” things so I can document them) can be abusive to a well-running system while realizing how much I need my PC, I follow this healthy PC diet and exercise regime:
  • I regularly clean up unneeded files and unused programs.
  • I don’t panic because I keep my data regularly backed up, and I frequently update both my disaster recovery plan and my PC Resource Recovery Kit.
  • I carefully choose the software I install.
  • I research a program’s or device’s compatibility with my operating system and other components before I buy and install it.
  • I read about my windows 7 Update selections before I install them, and I watch how windows 7 behaves after installing each update.
  • I follow the excellent maintenance procedures
  • I fix small problems as they occur.

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[Data Recovery Freeware] Data Recovery Freeware Links - Most of the Links in this Group in One Excel File With Custom Screenshots

- these are the links from and most of the links
appearing in the Google "Data Recovery Freeware".
- screenshots from software in the list above, where the respective
websites of the software don't contain screenshots.

Extundelete - Recover Deleted files from an EXT3 or EXT4 partition - - extundelete is a utility that
can recover deleted files from an ext3 or ext4 partition. The ext3
file system is the most common file system when using Linux, and ext4
is its successor. extundelete uses the information stored in the
partition's journal to attempt to recover a file that has been deleted
from the partition. There is no guarantee that any particular file
will be able to be undeleted, so always try to have a good backup
system in place, or at least put one in place after recovering your

Recover Accidentally Deleted Files & Recover Important Data from Damaged Partition or Hard Drive - "Data Recovery -
Available in Live CD to run offline(what is offline?)
Recover accidentally deleted files:
Data Recovery recognizes NTFS, FAT, EXT2, EXT3 file systems. It scans
the free space on the file system(partition) and finds out the deleted
files for you. It provides a nice tree view control for you to select
which deleted files to recover.
Recover important data from damaged partition or hard drive
Data Recovery supports RAW Scan. It scans the whole harddrive/
partition and searches for known file headers. If there is no data
fragmentation, which is often the case, it can recover the whole file.
Dr. Freeware Data Recovery recognises numerous file format including
ZIP, Office, PDF, HTML, JPEG and various graphics file formats
(support for over 220 specific file headers).
Support Medias

Hard Drives
memory card
(need MMC to USB converter if no MMC interface)
USB Memory Drives
When to Use Software:
* As soon as a picture or file is accidentally deleted, or you
discover any missing, do NOT save any more pics or files to that
memory device or hard disk drive; otherwise you may overwrite your
lost data. You should shutdown you computer as soon as possible and
boot from Dr.Freeware Live CD.
Depending on your data loss situation software is recommended only
when your hardware is functioning properly."

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[Data Recovery Freeware] "Microsoft Update on Sidekick Data Restoration"
- "The Danger / Microsoft team continues to work around the clock and
has completed its latest round of rigorous tests. We are now ready to
make the first phase of the content restoration process available to
you, starting with personal contacts.
This data restoration effort is only necessary for the minority of
customers who lost data from their Sidekick devices.
Beginning today, log into the My T-Mobile website, where there will be
a recovery tool to restore contacts you may have lost during the
recent service outage. This tool will enable you to view the contacts
you had on your device as of October 1. With a few clicks and a
confirmation, you will be able to restore these contacts to your
Sidekick. If you have recreated some of the same contacts on your
Sidekick since October 1, you can choose to keep both sets of
contacts, merge them, or just keep the set of contacts now on your
device. You may also edit any partial or complete duplicates on your
Sidekick after restoration.
We continue to work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to restore your
data. We're making solid progress on the next phase in this
restoration process, including your photographs, notes, to-do lists,
marketplace data and high scores.
We appreciate your ongoing patience."

Eassos Recovery 4.2.1 - Free as in Freeware - Only Today from Giveaway of the Day Eassos Recovery is professional data recovery software which provides complete soluti...