Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Reset your lost OS X password - "If
you've ever forgotten your user account password in OS X, the
Hackszine weblog details the simple process of resetting or changing
your password. All you need is to remember your username (you do
remember that, right?) and then reboot your computer. From there it's
command line work:
* Hold Apple+S when booting to enter single user mode
* #sh /etc/rc
* #passwd yourusername
* #reboot

The only major downside to resetting your password this way is that
you'll lose all keychain passwords, but if you've really forgotten
your password, it's better than nothing. Windows users, you can also
reset a lost or forgotten password. If you feel more adventurous, you
can also completely crack the password."

Reset your lost OS X password - "If
you've ever forgotten your user account password in OS X, the
Hackszine weblog details the simple process of resetting or changing
your password. All you need is to remember your username (you do
remember that, right?) and then reboot your computer. From there it's
command line work:
* Hold Apple+S when booting to enter single user mode
* #sh /etc/rc
* #passwd yourusername
* #reboot

The only major downside to resetting your password this way is that
you'll lose all keychain passwords, but if you've really forgotten
your password, it's better than nothing. Windows users, you can also
reset a lost or forgotten password. If you feel more adventurous, you
can also completely crack the password."

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

[Data Recovery Freeware] Copy Corrupt Files to Another Location Even if Windows Won't Let You
File Copier is a program which can copy multiple files and detect
corrupt ones by filling unreadable blocks with p.e. binary zeros.
Besides various search options files and whole folders can be excluded deliberately, enabling the program to create backups. Registred in the "heise-Softwareverzeichis", Softpedia, and many more.
* Support of files greater 2GB
* Recursive file search with the possibility to exlude folders
without access permissions
* Filtering of files to be copied by
o A combination of preconfigured filters
o File-based exclusion
o Folder- and subfolder-based exclusion
o Regular expressions
* Possibility to copy file and folder permissions
* Possibility to copy all files into the target directory (without
* Different fill algorithms for corrupt blocks
* Configurable block size adaption to adapt accuracy/speed
* Multi threading for file search, filtering and the copy process
for a responsive GUI
* Speed display and calculation of the remaining time
* Folders can be dragged directly into the program window from
Windows Explorer using Drag&Drop
* Multi-language GUI (German and English)
* 100% clean of adware, spyware and viruses (Softpedia award) "

MP3 Shield 2.4.2 Rapidly Scan Vast MP3 Collection for Corruption -
"MP3 Shield is a plug-and-play application designed to protect your
music collection. It can rapidly scan vast MP3 collection for
corruptions and automatically detects corrupted MP3 files while being
downloaded. MP3 Shield integrates seamlessly into any Kazaa Media
Desktop client to automatically scan MP3 files that are being
downloaded and filter out corrupted songs.
With MP3 Shield you'll be able to purge your music collection from
corrupted files, thus minimizing the spread of these files over the
Net. In addition, you'll be able to detect when a file is corrupted
before fully downloading it, saving time, bandwidth, and your
MP3 Shield is not advertising supported, nor does it require
registration, and no information is collected from or about product
users. It is very small and easy to use. It comes complete with full
install and uninstall, an automatic live updater, online help, and
free unlimited tech support."

Fix My Ebooks 2.0 -
- "Don't you hate when you pay a nice amount for an ebook and after
downloading, it doesn t open correctly and you are not able to read it
at all. It s not the reason that the seller is selling corrupted
ebooks but the reason is, most of the .exe ebooks stops working if
Windows XP Service Pack 2 is installed. Fix My Ebooks allows you to
avoid this problem."

Smart NTFS Recovery Recovery from Logical Disk Failure and Imminent Physical Failure - I Think - "Smart NTFS Recovery is a
NTFS recovery tool for Windows operating system that supports the NTFS
file system. The software easily recovers data from hard disks and any
type of storage media - flash drives, USB drives, memory stick, PC
card, multimedia card, secure digital card with NTFS file system.
Smart NTFS Recovery can recover any deleted files, including MS Office
files, photos, mp3 and zip files!

My Data Recovery - Recover Any Kind of Deleted Files from Any Kind of Disk - "My Data Recovery is a free,
efficient and easy to use data recovery solution that was specifically
designed as a browser toolbar that integrates into the upper menu of
your browser, be it IE or Firefox. The tool supports FAT and NTFS file
systems under Windows 2000/NT/XP and Vista/Windows® 7.
My Data Recovery can be used with virtually all types of mainstream
storage devices and portable media: computer hard drives, digital
cameras, MP3 players, USB flash drives, floppy disks, memory sticks,
all types of memory cards and many more. My Data Recovery's data
extraction engine enables you to restore all sorts of files, including
electronic documents, pictures, music tracks, movies by applying a
powerful algorithm which makes recovery a matter of minutes and
delivers far beyond your expectations. A single mouse click will
restore deleted files or completely erase the files you have removed
from your computer. If you are looking for an extremely easy to use
and yet powerful data recovery tool, make sure not to miss My Data

Smart EMail Recovery - DBX Outlook Express Email Recovery - "Smart Email Recovery offers
an easy way to recover deleted email and corrupted email databases in
Microsoft Outlook Express. The innovative technology allows for fully
automatic operation, and recovers deleted messages quickly and
efficiently. There is absolutely no risk of ruining an email database
when using Smart Email Recovery. Unlike competing email recovery
products, Smart Email Recovery does not attempt to fix the corrupted
email databases. Instead, it accesses the DBX files in read-only mode
in order to locate and extract all recoverable information, saving
recovered email messages into EML files. Importing the recovered mail
back to Outlook Express or any other email client is a matter of
Smart E-Mail Recovery is a must-have tool for restoring accidentally
deleted mail. Due to the nature of email database used by Outlook
Express, messages deleted from the Deleted Items folder don't get
erased immediately. Smart Email Recovery is aware of the fact, and
makes it possible to recover messages that were deleted recently.
As there are no built-in recovery tools available in Outlook Express,
a corrupted email database deprives the user from her email messages.
Thanks to Smart Email Recovery, it is now possible to recover mail
from the damaged database, and export the recovered messages into a
set of standard EML files. The EML files are easy to import back into
Outlook Express or any other email client.
In case of a severely damaged email database, Smart Email Recovery is
often still able to recover messages. Unlike competition, Smart Email
Recovery does not depend on the DBX header when scanning the mail
database for messages. Instead, Smart Email Recovery reads and
analyzes the entire DBX file, carefully extracting recoverable
messages one after another. There is no risk of damaging the corrupted
database any further as Smart Email Recovery never writes anything
into the damaged DBX file."

UnDBX 0.13 Recover Mail from DBX Files -
"On first invocation all messages will be extracted as individual .eml
files. Subsequent invocations will only update the output
directory: .eml files that do not correspond to messages in the .dbx
file will be treated as deleted messages and will be deleted from the
disk. Furthermore, only new messages, that do not correspond to files
on disk, will be extracted from the .dbx file. UnDBX was written to
facilitate fast incremental backup of .dbx files.
UnDBX can open corrupted .dbx files and .dbx files that are larger
than 2GB. Depending on how bad the damage is, UnDBX may or may not be
able to extract messages from such files. Version 0.13 adds support
for dbx files larger than 2GB."

[Data Recovery Freeware] Asoftech Photo Recovery - "Have you ever accidentally deleted valued
photos, music or videos and looked for a solution before? Asoftech
Photo Recovery is a professional data recovery software that will
recover your multimedia after deletion, disk format and partition
Asoftech Photo Recovery is an easy-to-use program with a Graphical
User Interface without technical skill required through the whole
recovery process. Simply launch the program, choose an appropriate
disk, specify the save path, click the button "Start", and preview the
recoverable files. With a single click, you can recover all files. It
is a read-only software which will never rewrite the drive you want to
recover files from. Now, get all your memories back with asoftech
Photo Recovery."

[Data Recovery Freeware] A Foxpro Tool to Quickly Identify Corrupt or Invalid DBF Files in a Ddirectory - "A Foxpro Tool to quickly
identify corrupt or invalid DBF files in a directory.
Getting any of the following errors in your FoxPro application?
Index file does not match table
Not a table
The file that Visual FoxPro is attempting to use as a table contains
an improper header
It takes a while to identify which DBF file is giving you trouble.
This tool will help you find the invalid DBF file in a second! "

PixFix--Free Photo Recovery Software -
"From Notso Software :
PixFix--free photo recovery software (for images up to 1mb) will
recover lost corrupted or deleted photos from hard disks, cameras, USB
memory sticks and media cards, even when they've been reformatted or
corrupted. A low cost upgrade ($9.95) is available to recover the
largest of photos and also unlocks the ability to selectively erase
traces of previously deleted photographs which could otherwise be
recovered. PixFix can effectively locate and recover deleted photos
from hard disks, cameras, USB memory sticks and media cards, even when
they've been reformatted or corrupted. PixFix technology is also
capable of reconstructing fragmented image files and is capable of
recovering deleted photos which many other photo recovery software
utilities cannot begin to find, including RAW files. PixFix can be
copied anywhere, even memory cards, and run for immediate photo
recovery saving the photos you choose to the location you specify, in
complete safety. PixFix reads NTFS and FAT 32, 16 and 12 file systems
(commonly used on cameras). In addition, PixFix supports the following
memory cards; Compact Flash, MicroDrive, SmartMedia & MultiMedia
cards, Standard, Micro & Mini Secure Digital (including High Capacity)
& Sony Memory Sticks. Version 3.5 build 8078 adds GIF recovery &
secure eradication, improves operation speed, and adds signatures."

Photo Extractor 1 - Restoring of Digital Photos Having Been Lost After Formatting or I/O Error of Flash Card - "Do You take a digital camera with You to the holiday? Have You ever seen a message on the display about the flash card is unreadable and will be formatted now? I got yhe trouble like that when I was traveling to Italy about two years ago (by the way, that card called KingMax 256, the cards of other kinds didn't made any problems). When I returned I bought a card-reader and began to look in the Internet for any software to try to recovery it. But I didn't like any of them and finally I made own program is able to search and extract any JPEG files from the drive have broken file system. So, I managed to restore about 90% the photos I thought be lost including the photos was removed a time ago. Now, here it is. Perhaps, it will help somebody (but perhaps, the card-reader will be necessary too). The application has got very usable interface and runs very rapidly(generally, it depends on the reader's performance). This time it onlyrestores of JPEG. Maybe, some time I'll append the TIFF format."

[Data Recovery Freeware] Corrupt Pico PLW to CSV converter - "Pico Technology
Logging software creates a *.PLW file. This is a converter to *.CSV
format for partially complete or corrupt PLW files"

Mondo Rescue Is A GPL Suite Designed to Create Disaster Recovery or Cloning Physical or Virtual Media - "Mondo Rescue is a GPL suite
designed to create disaster recovery or cloning physical or virtual
media from which you'll be able to boot in order to restore or clone
your original system. It does that in an automatic or interactive way
allowing modifs"

SysClone - SystemRescueCd + Clonezilla Multiboot system

ImageRecover Is A Small Utility to Recover Lost (e.g. Deleted) JPEG Images From (Flash) Disks or Cards. - "ImageRecover is a
small utility to recover lost (e.g. deleted) JPEG images from (flash)
disks or cards."

[Data Recovery Freeware] 7z Cracker Is A Numeric Cracker to Extract the Files of a Password Protected 7z File - "Did you ever forget
the password of your 7z archive? 7z Cracker is a, at the moment only
numeric cracker to extract the files of a password protected 7z file
on Windows. It's average performance on my machine is about 5 to 6
passwords a second."

TestDiskAssist is Designed to Sort the Thousands of Files Recovered by TestDisk - "TestDiskAssist is
designed to sort the thousands of files recovered by TestDisk so that
the end user can find desired files quickly with ease, as well as
dispose of unnecessary files."

[Data Recovery Freeware] CD Reader is a Software for Recovering Data from Corrupted CDs/DVDs "CD Reader is a
software for recovering datas from corrupted cds/dvds. This simple
tool accurately recovers both individual files and full discs that
your disc drive finds difficult to read due to scratches or other
damages in the disc surface."

[Data Recovery Freeware] 007 Pws E-Mail Recovery - "This is a utility
for recovery lost password with e-mail. It is created with a Nirsoft
programs and DOS scrip Blat - - - - - DON'T USE FOR LAMERING OR DATA
STEAL - - - - -"

jFileUtilities - "Collection of file-
oriented tools implemented in java to perform common and specific file
operations. Sample of common task: command-line file editor (cut,
paste, append, etc). Sample of specific task: fix RAR archive with
broken file header(s)."

repPHP - "Script in PHP for backuping
and repair any scripts and files in a directory."

Fix Wave File Corruption - - "Deep Indigo is an
application designed to analyze and repair standard WAVE music files.
The main features are: playback, basic information, graphs /
visualizations, and transformations to fix corruption and damage."

phpMyMaint - "phpMyMaint is a command-
line php script which can perform several maintenance tasks for MySQL
databases. Currently it can repair and optimize tables and databases,
in the future it should also reindex, backup and restore tables and
databases and perhaps c"

MPEG Audio Tracker - "The main proupose of
mgtracker is cut an MPEG audio file/stream inconsecutive tracks. Also
it can be used to get info, or only repair/cleanthe stream."

Monday, February 22, 2010

MainMenu - MainMenu - Statusitem for
OS X to repair permissions, run cron scripts and other maintenance/
troubleshooting routines.

MICR Tools - "MICR Tools is a java
library dedicated to parsing check MICR data, repair of MICR, and
other utilities for dealing with various MICR-related data. Check21-
specific utilities include scanner character repair and an X9.37
compliant file framework."

Distributed File Repair Utilities - - "3 small tools for
distributed file repair, written in ANSI C.purpose: repairing a partly
damaged file with its same-sized original version by creating a
distributable hashlist and fix files which can be transferred online
or via storage media."

[Data Recovery Freeware] binMan - "binMan is usenet reader
written in Java, aimed at making the process of downloading usenet
binaries easier. It supports serveral encodings (yEnc,
uuencoding, ...). It uses the binIndex webservice to lookup files. It
supports PAR2 to validate/repair files"

[Data Recovery Freeware] BeeHive - "This project provides any
POSIX operating system with Windows NT registry editing. This is a
collection of programs, script modules and APIs to allow editing,
repair and optimization of roaming profiles (NTUSER.DAT) and other NT
hive (registry) files."

TAPClean - "TAPClean is a Commodore
tape preservation / restoration tool. It will check, repair, and
remaster Commodore 64 and VIC 20 TAP or DC2N DMP files (tape images)."

Russian Technology Kit GNU/Linux - "Russian Technology Kit
GNU/linux - the distribution kit for audit of safety in local networks
of any class. Can be used for simplification of procedure of
diagnostics and repair of hardware maintenance. Is truly free product."

OS Recovery Toolkit - "Small, modular mini
distribution on bootable live CD to repair , boot or recover systems.
Fit on 30M credit card cdrom , whereas it contains images of Linux,
FreeBSD, OpenBSD and NetBSD in a single multiboot. For emergency
backup, diagnostic and recovery"

[Data Recovery Freeware] COMWiz - "COM Wiz is a smart system
analysis and repair utility with COM Component wizard. The project was
previously one of our (Tech Science GmbH) commercial products and is
now fully published to the Open Source Community."

Wave Repair and Compare - Checking and improving the
quality of .wav files by examining and comparing files looking for bit

RemenDeKO - RemenDeKO is a file repair
program that you can use to generate off-line patch files to apply
over damaged files. It's targeted for corrupted downloads, so the
downloader just need to re-download a (probably) small file to fix the
damaged download.

LOCKSS (Lots of Copies Keep Stuff Safe) - The LOCKSS(tm) system (Lots
of Copies Keep Stuff Safe) preserves access to authoritative versions
of web-published material by caching multiple copies at distributed
locations, using polling and a reputation system to repair damage and
prevent corruption

PlaneDisaster.NET - PlaneDisaster.NET is
a .NET Database front end for JetSQL (Microsoft Access File Format)
and SQLite. In addition to basic database browsing and querying, it
can create new JetSQL and SQLite files as well as compact and repair
JetSQL databases. Source cod

ExQueues Shell Queue - - "Windows sequential
batch file operation queue. Explorer context menus or DDE to add items
for processing. User customizable, with built-in support for par2
repair then unRAR/extract, copy, move, etc. Shell Extension/Tray App."

ReJacker - Rejacker is an toolkit set
for PE repair, manualy optimize after unpack.

[Data Recovery Freeware] AxBase - AxBase is an Open source MDB
(and XLS) Database viewer and editor. You can view and edit all the
tables (with field descriptions) and execute SQL queries without
Access licence. You can also : * Export Tables to CSV or XLS files *
Compress and Repair MDB

Meteorite - Meteorite is MKV /
Matroska file repair engine. That repairs MKV files and can repair MKV
files still downloading from internet.

FileRepair - - FileRepair is a cross-
platform application to compare and repair files across a network.

InterBase Database Repair Utility - "Repairs InterBase
database files that have become corrupted in such a way that backup
and restore will not fix. GDS Consistency Errors for example. Utilizes
either record by record copy or external tables. Also supports

[Data Recovery Freeware] ZIDRAV - "ZIDRAV is a file corruption
detection and repair program. It's designed to provide a way to fix
file damage without having to redownload the entire (potentially
large) file over a (potentially slow) connection."

[Data Recovery Freeware] Boot Everywhere Linux - "bootE Linux is yet another
minimalist Linux distribution and is contained entirely on a single
floppy disk. It supports only single user mode, and is intended as a
repair/rescue/emergency distribution."

DivXRepair, Avi File Repair - - "DivXRepair is a program
based on VirtualDub (version 1,4,2,11759) - mp3 - VBR.This tool can
repair all kind of avi files (the tool cuts off the bad parts and re-
assembly the avi file).The utilisation is simple. The licence is GPL,
like Virtual Dub"

Project X - DVB demux Tool - "European digital radio &
television uses the DVB standard to broadcast its data. Project X
gives you a look behind the transmissions and tries its best to handle
& repair many stream types and shows what went wrong on reception."

LifeHacker Post - Use Windows System Restore to Recover Individual Files
- "Windows 7: Windows System Restore has long been a great way to
recover your system after a bad software install or a critical driver
goes missing, but you may not know you can also use it to recover
individual files.
Earlier this month we published a guide to Windows System Restore and
now we're highlighting, courtesty of the How-To Geek computer site,
how you can use System Restore to restore individual files.
You need to have System Restore on for any drive that you want to be
able to restore files on. Once you've turned on System Restore and
made a restore point—type "System Restore" in the Start Menu command
box to open up the System Restore dialogue to turn things on and make
your first restore point if you haven't already—any folder or file on
that disk can now be recovered. Right click on the folder the file
used to be in or the parent folder if you're trying to restore a
deleted sub-folder, then click on "Restore previous versions". The
restore menu seen in the screenshot above will appear and you'll be
able to select the version of the folder or files you want to

Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Rizone CD-DVD Repair - Rizone CD-DVD Repair is a small
utility that will repair Windows if your CD or DVD drive is missing or
not recognized by Windows or other programs. Apart form the basic
functionality it also allows resetting of Autorun settings and
protection against Autorun parasites(virus).

Repairs Outlook Profiles Data Files etc. - OLfix does
not have an installation tool, it is a single exe file which can be
either directly started from our web page or downloaded and placed for
example at your desktop.
You can start OLfix right from our web page without installation, this
will download and execute a single exe file.

Hasleo Data Recovery FreeV3.2 - Free as in Freeware - Permanently from Hasleo Software "Hasleo Data Recovery FreeV3.2 100% Free Data Recovery Software...