Thursday, December 23, 2010

Socrtwo's Open Source Sourceforge Corrupt File Recovery Apps - Corrupt office2txt -
Brings together my (that is socrtwo's - Paul Pruitt's) other corrupt
MS Office & Open Office recovery projects providing one GUI with two
methods of recovering text from corrupt MS Office (97-2003 & 2007/2010
formats) and OO files as well as one method for recovering full OO
files. - Corrupt docx2txt -
This is based on Sandeep Kumar's docx2txt:
My Corrupt office2txt uses a different command line app to do the
extraction, mainly DocToText:
So the results for docx text recovery may be different with this
program than with corrupt office2txt. - Corrupt Excel
Recovery - This is a little different than my other apps. Microsoft
has some recommended methods for recovering data from Excel
spreadsheets that won't open:
This app, brings those recommended methods into one convenient
interface. You load your corrupt Excel file and then by pushing
buttons, open the file in safe mode etc. - Corrupt xlsx2csv -
This app is based on the perl script from cpan, xlsx2csv. It uses a
different algorthm than SILVERCODERS DocToText and Corrupt office2txt,
so may lead to different results than those two. - Corrupt pptx2txt -
This is another app where I use a different algorithm than the ones
used in Corrupt office2txt. So it's possible you may recover text with
this app, when Corrupt office2txt doesn't work. The work here is based
on Sopan Shewale's altered version of Sandeep Kumar's docx2txt pel
script. In Corrupt office2txt the extractions are instead based on
SILVERCODERS DocToText. - Corrupt Open Office
Recovery - A simple GUI program that attempts to fully recover
unopenable corrupt Open Office files or at least salvage the text.
This app uses the same code algorithms as Corrupt Office2txt. With
both these apps you can use it non-corrupt files as a text viewer too,
in addition to recovering the text of corrupt files. Also both apps
allow you to try to recover a fully formatted version of the files
unlike what's true of MS Office files with my apps.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Friday, December 10, 2010

Mac Data Recovery Software - New in beta and free for now deleted file recovery for Mac: 

"Disk Drill, Mac Data Recovery Software, recovers data from HFS/HFS+, FAT, NTFS & other file systems right from your Mac. It helps you undelete Mac OS files using its 2 powerful Mac recovery methods: quick or deep scanning. Disk Drill data recovery locates and recovers deleted files from any mountable media like your main drive, external hard disk, memory cards, etc. Disk Drill can recover photos, music, documents, applications and many other known formats."

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