Sunday, November 27, 2011

Windows 7 and Vista Different looks


Since Windows 7 has been available for download, many reviews have already been issued all over the internet. The interest in every new operating system really is there especially that Microsoft has been the leading operating system in many individual computers.

Well, Windows 7 has made some new features available. But it has taken away some bundle applications available in Vista though. One thing is for sure, Windows 7 is compatible with all Vista applications so there should not any worry about it accord­ing to Microsoft.

Start with the obvious change in the interface. One thing one will notice immediately is the taskbar. There won't be test descriptions of the applications anymore. What people would see instead are large icons of the applications. Right clicking on the icons also gives one a "jump list" which enables users to do more in fewer clicks. Even the start button provides a jump list with frequently used and recently used files and applications.

Navigation of windows has been made easier as well. For instance, a window can be dragged to the top of the screen and it automatically maximizes. The opposite happens when it is dragged from the top going down. The window will then restore. If the user drags the window to the right or to the left, the win­dow will resize into 50% of the screen. This makes it easier for people to view two windows at the same time.

So the changes made in Windows 7 are things like these. Although there are some changes in its workings underneath,

these are what users would mainly feel. These are the changes that would make users excited about it.

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