Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Advantages of Open Application Source Code

All software applications are created from source code. It is the line of instructions that is written by programmers which the computers will eventually interpret. Application source code can be considered as the blueprint for a program written in various programming languages.

There are many advantages from having an open source code compared to a closed source code. This is because an open application source code can be inspected and edited whereas developers who own the code can only access the closed source code.

The other difference between an open and close application source code is that the former is freely available. This is therefore open for viewing and alterations. However, a user must know the language that a given open source application was written in. If a user has enough time, he can edit the open source code and have it behave the way he wants to.

An open application source code is also good for bug fixing. Many software releases have bugs. If a user in a close source code spots a bug, the only person who can fix it is the original developer. An open source code, however, is better because it can be accessed by many users, change the code or rapidly correct a bug.

Using an open application source code also allows a user to choose the method of security that he prefers. It means that he is fully responsible in making it secure and to allocate resources to be able to do that.

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