Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Android and the Cellular Carriers: New Age of Mobile Communication

At long last, there is a new open source platform which is called Android. Many cellular carriers are going gaga over this and we can only have Google to thank. Based on the astounding facts, Android is currently shaking up the entire open source community as well as the entire communication market. But first of all, this can be traced back to the operating system of Google.

As they had acquired Android back in 2005, they decided to improve the quality of mobile phone applications. Ever since that time, cellular carriers are enjoying the fact that they can offer better and more value-added service than before. After two years, Android suddenly boomed and became a big hit. The purpose behind this was the initial talks about Google wanting to expand its tools and utilities and enter in the mobile device arena. They provide online applications which are geared towards mobile apps very much like Google Maps and also Google Calendar. This makes perfect sense because a lot of these mobile applications are being snapped up by cellular carriers and offered to their clients.

Now, people enjoy the extra functionality which comes with their mobile phones thanks to Android and the many cellular carriers who took a chance on such a system. Pretty soon, you will see it as the dominating force in the world of mobile technology as it expands its portfolio of applications to accommodate more tools and therefore lure in more users. We will never be able to look at the mobile communication device in the same way.

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