Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Does Developing Mobile Application Need Responsibility?

Mobile applications are without a doubt a blessing to most mobile phone users. Mobile applications have enhanced their mobile phone use through the years. Because of mobile applications there are many things one can do through his mobile phone.

Instead of calling the people he needs to talk to, one can send text messages too. Now one can even send and receive emails. If one needs to surf the internet, he can do so too. For the busy people who go home late at night, they can catch their favorite shows on their phone too. The younger set who are very fond of games can play to their heart's content too.

With such a demand for mobile applications, developers and especially vendors have made them available for sale. Aside from the ones that phone manufacturers and service providers provide for free, one can now avail additional mobile applications for a fee.

There are actually a lot of people who buy mobile applica-tions. In order to gain additional games, teens and even young professionals buy them. Other applications for business and even for sports are also patronized by many.

Because of the high demand, the number of new mobile applications popping up almost every day or every week is just great. One thing has been observed though. Many of these appli-cations seem to be hurriedly made. Almost of none them is even really a necessity or a "must have" application. This is not to discount the fact that many are useful though. It's just there are

just more mobile applications that seem to be there just for the sales. People can't just help but ask, "Shouldn't developing mobile application require responsibility on the part of the developers and the vendors who sell them?"

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