Tuesday, December 27, 2011

How to Make Windows 7 Run on Windows XP


If you are still running Windows XP, then you will en­counter lots of problems when you try to directly upgrade to Windows 7. Even Microsoft has warned its users that upgrading from XP to Windows 7 could be a dangerous path.

Truth is, there is no way you can get a direct upgrade from XP to Windows 7. When you try to install Windows 7 on a down-level XP, you will encounter a security screen barring you from making the upgrade.

So here are some simple techniques you can try in order to try Windows 7.

First, you can upgrade your XP to Vista Service Pack 1 in order to get Windows 7. This is the recommended upgrade path of Microsoft. However, you might find this technique too com­plicated and costly because you have to purchase a Vista SP 1 version just to upgrade to Windows 7. This option however, is the safest path you can take.

Second, you can try a clean install of Windows 7. This means doing away with your XP and replacing it with Windows 7. You have to back up your files though because this method will erase all the data in your hard drive.

Lastly, you can create a dual boot computer with two op­erating systems. Simply create a new partition on your hard drive and clean install Windows 7 in it. This way, you still have a fully functional XP plus a beta Windows 7 for testing purposes.

But you still have to back-up your files and data in case a general crash happens to your computer.

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