Monday, December 26, 2011

Information Security Roles and Responsibilities

Although members of an organization frequently wear multiple hats, defined roles and responsibilities are important in the security administration process. Also, roles and responsibilities are central to the separation of duties concept - the concept that security is enhanced through the division of responsibilities in the production cycle. Therefore, it is important that individual roles and responsibilities are clearly communicated and understood

  • Senior Management. Executive or senior-level management is assigned the overall responsibility for the security of information. Senior management might delegate the function of security, but they are viewed as the end of the food chain when liability is concerned.

  • Information Systems Security Professionals. Information systems security professionals are delegated the responsibility for implementing and maintaining security by the senior-level management. Their duties include the design, implementation, management, and review of the organization’s security policy, standards, guidelines, and procedures.

  • Data Owners. data owners are primarily responsible for determining the data’s sensitivity or classification levels. They can also be responsible for maintaining the information’s accuracy and integrity.

  • Users. users are responsible for following the procedures set out in the organization’s security policy during the course of their normal daily tasks.

  • Information Systems Auditors. Information systems auditors are responsible for providing reports to the senior management on the effectiveness of the security controls by conducting regular, independent audits. They also examine whether the security policies, standards, guidelines, and procedures effectively comply with the company’s stated security objectives.

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