Monday, December 05, 2011

Microsoft delete Autorun to protect Windows from More Viruses

After a long as the 'entrance' for a variety of malicious programs, Microsoft has finally decided to destroy Autorun. This is done via an update for older versions of the Windows operating system.

As quoted from The Register, Thursday (2/10/2011), if the update is applied, the ability to autorun on Windows will be turned off by default.

Autoron is a feature that allows external devices that connect to Windows automatically execute code as specified in the autorun.inf file. This feature is widely used to spread malicious programs.

A computer virus is mostly spread through the use Autorun flash. One of the famous Paing is Conficker.

Since Windows 7, Microsoft is eliminating the ability of such Autorun. However, in older Windows versions, such as Windows Server 2008, it was still there.

"We feel this a good time to encourage these changes and provide substantial effect on the spread of malware," said Jerry Bryant, group manager at Response Communications, Microsoft.

Autorun weakness has been known since long. Approximately 10 years have malicious programs take advantage of this ability to spread the virus.

So why is Microsoft only now trying to eliminate them? According to Bryant, during these many Microsoft partners who use AutoRun for easy installation assistant program their devices.

These updates are classified as 'Important, non-security' but issued simultaneously with 12 security bulletins that patched 22 weaknesses of Windows, Office, Internet Explorer and IIS.

It is not known whether the update 'autorun killer'that could be applied to older versions of the Windows operating system is pirated.

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