Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Mobile Database: an Overview

Mobile computing devices require mobile database to run on a mobile network. The condition would be: client and server should both have wireless connections. To connect to and hold data transactions, a cache should be maintained. This will prevent losing of data if connection failure takes place.

Mobile database is needed to have a structured and organ-ized storage of information. The database may contain information such as: lists of clients, sales record and figures, or your realtime schedule.

Apropos, the use of computer gadgets like laptops, PDAs, mobile phones is undergoing an inevitable growth. It is expected that in the future, more and more applications, particularly mobile applications will be developed.

The Essentials of Mobile Databases

Mobile databases are built to meet certain needs of mobile users. Such needs can be summarized in 5 points and these are:
1. Mobile devices users should work even without wireless connections caused by poor connections.
2. The need for interactivity among user's applications.
3. Mobile databases should have the capabilities to access local hardware and devices such as scanners, printers, and other units.
4. Recently modified data should be accessible rather than live and real data.
5. The need for conserved bandwidth. This usually applies to wireless network requirements charged per MB of transfer.

Finally, mobile databases also undergo system architecture. Therefore, in building mobile architecture certain things should be taken into consideration as well. These are: users' geographical locations, the mobile computing devices, the wireless networks, and the possible mobile computing constraints.

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