Friday, December 09, 2011

The Best Books about Mobile Computing and Digital Communication

Mobile computing refers to one's capability to utilize technology while moving, which is in contrary to the use of portable computers. Apparently, the use of portable computers is only applicable when one is assigned in a fixed configuration. Today, there already several sorts of available mobile computers, examples of these are: wearable computer; Smartphone; enterprise digital assistant; carputer; and UMPC.

Now, to those individuals who want to advance their knowledge on mobile computing may opt to study its digital communication, which can be in a form of tutorial or notes. One may also perform a self-study by buying books that tackle digital communication of mobile computing. Some of the great books that a person can consider are the following:

  • Mobile Computing and Wireless Communication: This is authored by Amjad umar. This book is especially designed for IT and IS courses as well as to professional development. This vitally presents a complete coverage of the technical business facets of mobile computing including wireless communications.

  • Fundamentals of Mobile and Pervasive Computing: This is authored by Adelstein, Richard, Gupta, Schwiebert. This book tackles the production principles that are included in mobile computing, serving as the fundamental reference in a form of textbook to both advanced undergraduates and graduates. This is also the primary systematic account of mobile communications as a regulation in itself, comprising projects, exercises, and solutions.

  • Digital Communications: This is authored by John Proakis. This book of Proakis is actually the best-selling book among the other books that tackle digital communications. Simply, this has been revised to represent the present drifts in the field. Some of the discussions included here are Antenna Arrays and Digital Cellular Systems.

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