Thursday, December 01, 2011

The Exciting Additional Features in Win­dows 7

Many expected users of the new offering that Microsoft has - the new and improved Windows 7 -- have long been waited to the official announcement of Microsoft big bosses about what can be expected from the latest offering. Many users have fore­casted that a robust and strong GUI will be the major pull of Windows 7; whereas, many other Windows users are seeing and expecting more powerful applications to be included on it. Just recently, Microsoft people have released an official statement detailing the things that are expected to come out with the new Windows 7. Below are some these:

a. Windows 7 has retained the use of the AERO envi­ronment (Authentic, Energetic, Reflective, and Open user inter­face). This AERO user interface which is an original component of the Vista software has been found to be well-loved by the Vista user that made Microsoft finally decide that it is best that this is retained and newer functions will be embedded with it.

b. Windows 7 will have a desktop environment that will include a slideshow that is able to change the background of the desktop at a given time frame. This functionality is incorpo­rated with WE (Windows Explorer).

c. Windows 7 will have a Windows Explorer that will compose of dynamic library files. These files range from docu­ments to wav files to graphics and streaming videos. These libraries of Windows 7 allow for the quick aggregation of content between systems in a network.

These are some of the initial new things that are expected to be part of the latest Windows 7 OS of Microsoft and basing it

from the reactions of the potential users, it is no doubt that Window 7 will become a massive hit.

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