Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Tips on Where to Download Microsoft Windows 7

There are several ways how to download Microsoft Win­dows 7. This is the new operating system of Microsoft and was unveiled to the public last January 9.

If you want to try how Windows 7 will perform on your machine, here's some information on where to download the new operating system.

First, you can get the beta version of Windows 7 from the Microsoft website. There is a dedicated site for Windows 7 where you can download it. There are also information on it about installation instruction, technical descriptions, and system requirements.

You need to take advantage of the beta testing downloads offered by Microsoft. This offer will last only until January 24.

Second, there are PC technology sites that offer mirror downloads for Windows 7. You can also get the software from these sites. You should subscribe for development updates on this site in order to get information on how to tweak Windows 7.

Third, you can also search for Windows 7 on torrent sites. After Microsoft released the operating system on January 9, it has been uploaded by many users on torrent sites and other file sharing sites. Simply download a client torrent and transfer the Windows 7 installation file on your machine.

Windows 7 is the hottest item on the Internet today. In fact, Microsoft suffered server issues on the first day of its re­

lease. Although there are many sites where you can download Windows 7, it is still safer to get the program from the official Microsoft website.

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