Sunday, December 18, 2011

Vista beta or Windows 7 RC: Product Keys to Complete the Set Up

Some users who have downloaded and installed Windows 7 Pre-Beta thought the steps for setting up the operating system is done after completing these two. But this is a wrong presumption. There is still a need to activate the operating system with Vista beta or Windows 7 RC product key without crack to complete the set up of the Windows 7. Without doing the proper activation, even though what was installed was only an alpha release, it can only last for 30 days at most.

For those who have failed to complete the activation may go back to their e-mails to retrieve the particular e-mail that contains the RC1 or Windows Vista Beta product key. The e-mail may not have been deleted since it bears a note to keep the email to serve as records; too bad for those who have deleted it though.

Apparently, Microsoft said to keep the e-mail to serve as records for a reason. One reason is because the product key for RC edition or Windows Vista Beta can also be used to activate Windows 7 Pre-Beta. To retrieve the e-mail, one may simply search the e-mail sent by, which is entitled as "Microsoft Windows Vista Beta 2 Order Confirmation and Product Key." If not, this may come in other related product key delivery e-mail. The testing product key can be used as well to active 10 PCs at most using one product key.
Activation is simple; the product key should only be entered in Control Panel, then in System and Security, and finally in System Properties. Users only need to click on Change Product key link or Activate Windows now.

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