Monday, December 12, 2011

What is Computer Forensics?

Computer Forensics is the process of investigating electronic devices or computer media for the purpose of discovering and analyzing available, deleted or hidden information that can serve as useful evidence in supporting both claims and the defense of a legal matter. It may also be useful if the data is accidentally deleted or lost due to hardware failure.

Data Forensics is a very old technique, but is now very much changed due to technological advances and modern tools and software. This makes Computer Forensics much easier for computer forensic experts, more evidence or data to find and repair, which also faster and with more precision can be done.

Forensic Data Research

A computer forensic data research is done using advanced techniques and technologies. A computer forensic expert uses these techniques to discover evidence of an electronic storage device of a possible crime. The data may be of any shape or electronic device, such as Pen drives, discs, tapes, handhelds, PDAs, memory sticks, e-mails, logs, hidden or deleted files etc ....

Cyber CrimeDe most of us think that, with the removal of a file or history, it also removes the hard disk. But in reality, only the location of the file and delete the actual standing stock still on your computer.

It is easier to follow what has been done on your computer but difficult to say by whom. Even though the data may completely change or remove it from your storage device. It depends on the skill of the computer forensic expert, how well he or she can find and restore data without any loss or alteration.

Computer forensic data research can be used to detect fraud, unauthorized use of a computer, violation of company policies, inadequate record keeping, tracking e-mail exchanges, chat history, files, tapes, websites visited, or any other form of electronic communication.

A growing industry

Data security is one of the biggest problems the corporate world now faces them. The employees are aware of it that forensic software and personnel available, could prevent employees from committing atrocities.

Computer forensics is a growing industry in the law. Unlike many jobs in the information technology sector, chances are that computer forensics services will not be outsourced to other countries, because of the confidentiality of the data. Companies will not likely allow the data to travel far, thus a little bit of money to save.

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