Friday, December 16, 2011

Why the Application API Was Created?

Due to improvements in technology and popularity, many forms of communication services have been created and offered. Before only a few people have access to these services, but everyone is now accessing these may it be Internet and wireless telephony, home computers with facsimile functions, text transmission, pagers and others.

However, the proliferation of so many communication options has also created problems. This is because there is no assurance that two people are using the same channel of communication. The danger comes from too many options, therefore users feeling overwhelmed by all these would eventually shut down or inactivate some of these services at different periods. Eventually, there is a risk that messages are not delivered or received. There is also the issue of transmitting the same message to multiple recipients with different types of communication channels.

API application is the answer. This is the reason why API or application program interface is invented. It facilitates the interaction of the various communication services generally by the Internet. This works when application programmers utilize a mark-up language preferably XML-derived. It configures applications for compatibility and communication through the message handling facility. The API is said to have the capability to process high-volume requests for message routing, status information, and other functions on an automated basis.

The benefits that can be gained from API, may it be a business or an individual is limitless. API has torn down the barriers among the different modes of communication services.

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