Friday, December 30, 2011

Windows 7 Size: Covering Two Scopes of OS Resizing

The engineers of Windows 7 have indicated that this version of operating system can be a minor release in the view of some users although it can be a major one for others. For now, these engineers have not yet identified whether the release of Windows 7 will be a minor or a major one. But they are suggesting now that it is something in between. Literally speaking though, Windows 7 size can flex from being minor to major. So, what is the meaning of this?

Simply, Windows 7 can snap its window to half or full the screen. This new operating system has the ability to resize any window to half or full the size of the monitor and bring it on the right or left pane of the screen. Apparently, this ability will give its user a useful drag-and-dropper.

In the previous released screencast, it is noticeable that dragging a window to the high point of the screen automatically maximizes it. Now, if a window will be dragged to the right or left side of the screen, user can recognize a glass display overlaying on the desktop. When the mouse button is released in this case, it will automatically snap the window on that overlay that is half of the screen's size. So this offers great convenience to those who own widescreen monitor.

However, when going beyond the literal meaning; Microsoft engineers noted that balance is the key when releasing any operating system, which definitely includes Windows 7. They claim that balance should be observed in order to make a major release, one that has better performance and seize the advantage brought by the latest technologies.

Meantime though, Windows 7 is not yet being classified as a major or minor release. Instead, this is termed as an "awesome release."

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