Saturday, March 24, 2012

Advice On How to Repair Excel If Add-Ins Don't Run - "If you are getting error messages like "error in module 1", "unspecified error", or "undefined reference", the problem is not with our add-ins!  It is a problem with the installation of Office.  The following are the steps to take to do the fix this problem by fixing Microsoft Office.  Keys to fixing Excel are:
  • Do the multiple reboots as instructed.  A royal pain, but essential
  • After rebooting, never open Excel or any other Office program until instructed to do so.
      Opening Outlook to do a quick check of your mail during the process will screw up the fixes. The same goes for Power Point to fix a presentation, etc.  Office programs use common files.  Opening any part of the Office Suite may prevent the steps from working.
  • Do the repair of Excel last. Do not skip it..."

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