Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Chk-Back Categorizes ChkDisk Fragments and Adds the Right Extensions - Chris Sampson from  TRC Data Recovery wanted to let my readers know they released a nifty new freeware application called ChkBack which is designed to retrieve data that has been lost after ChkDsk has scanned a drive and relocated file fragments...The problem is chdisk recovers fragments from bad sectors of your disk, but does not add the right file extensions and may bunch several files in one chk file if the sector had more than one file (I think).

More info: "After the program is installed it can be used to analyse chk files to determine their original format. The utility will interrogate each file in the selected directory and test them against a set of common hexadecimal file headers. When a file tests true for a specific file type* a copy is made in a subdirectory it will create called 'ChkBack Results'; the application never makes any changes to the original files.

It can be used to process large numbers of files or set to run slowly to allow users to see what is being tested and the results of the application as they happen."

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