Saturday, May 12, 2012

How to Recover Text from Hopelessly Corrupt PDF Files

Recently when working on a hopelessly corrupt PDF file, I found one commercial PDF recovery program which actually worked: Kernel PDF File Repair. However since the subject of this blog is free and freeware resources for data recovery let me tell you how I found I could recover at least the text of the PDF for free:
  1. Remove any PDF encryption with the free online tool What is especially good about this site is it reconstructed a reasonable xref section for the PDF file after I removed it as being part of the corruption problem. So does some pdf repair...Still after this decryption/password removal step, the file would not open on its own :-(. Read here about the xref section of PDF files.
  2. Download PDF Stream Dumper and load the PDF file in the program from the "Load" Menu.
  3. Again from the Load Menu, choose "Run Plugin" and then "Object Browser".
  4. If pages are listed and then "Page Contents" you might be in luck. Click on each page content and copy the text to a Word or text file. Voila, you have your PDF's recovered text.
  5. Unfortunately, a lot of the words will be run together because of the peculiarities of pdf formattingand its removal here. You will have to do some serious spell checking to separate the words from your recovered text.


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Stiven Mendoza said...

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Kaye R. Jenkins said...

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