Monday, July 30, 2012

Technibble's Computer Repair Tools of the Week Archive - I'm not sure these are still being updated but this archive goes from June of this year back to 2007. There are 22 pages of tools and 10 to a page. So about 220 computer repair tools...Including two of my own mentioned in 2009, Damaged DOCX2TX (Now called Corrupt DOCX Salvager) and Corrupt XLSX2TXT ( now called Corrupt XLSX Salvager), thank you very much :-).

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Via - Corrupt-A-File: A Web App That Lets You Corrupt Files - "Struggle with a report you can't complete? Bored by this Excel sheet? Tired with this code which won't work? Send us your file and we corrupt it. Your boss, customer or teacher will think you delivered on time, yet he can't open it due to technology hassle. Mission completed!..." Evil I guess :-) but all is fair in love and war and there is a time for everything.

Friday, July 27, 2012

Via The BootMed Live CD for Recovering a Windows System that Won't Boot - "The BootMed Live CD is an Ubuntu Remix for those new to Linux. It’s main goal is to help the average Windows user to recover a computer that will not boot. Besides troubleshooting boot problems, there are many other things that BootMed can guide you through.
The first thing you need to know about BootMed is that it is a live cd. A live cd is basically a boot disk on a cd. You put BootMed cd in your computer, turn it on, and the computer will load an operating system from the cd. The operating system on the cd is completely independent of your hard drive, meaning that it will boot up even if Windows cannot..."

Via Technibble - Fix Common Windows Problems - " - Windows Repair is an all-in-one repair tool to help fix a large 
majority of known Windows problems including registry errors and file
permissions as well as issues with Internet Explorer, Windows Update, Windows
Firewall and more. Malware and installed programs can modify your default settings. With - Windows Repair you can restore Windows original settings..."

The New Windows System Recovery App Replaces the Recovery Console of Previous Versions of Windows - "Windows Vista and Windows 7 replace the Recovery Console troubleshooting tool with the new System Recovery tool (part of WinRE). Typically, you will start the tool by pressing F8 before starting Windows and then choosing Repair Your Computer from the Advanced Boot Options screen. If that choice is not available because the hard disk has failed, you can start the tool by starting from the Windows 7 DVD and then clicking Repair Your Computer (after configuring the language options)..."

Diagnose Network Connectivity Issues Due to Corrupted or Missing Windows Services - "Farbar Service Scanner, or FSS,  is a small portable tool that allows you to diagnose network connectivity issues due to corrupted or missing Windows services. Certain malware, such as TDSS, may delete or corrupt Windows services, which would cause your computer to no longer have network connectivity. When FSS is run it will display a detailed report on the services, driver services, their configurations and the files that are responsible for network connectivity. Using this information a user can diagnose issues with their network connectivty as well as other Microsoft services.

The tool currently checks the following services:

Internet Services
Windows Firewall
System Restore
Security Center/Action Center
Windows Update
Windows Defender"

Diagnose and Fix Vista and Windows 7 Boot Issues - "Farbar Recovery Scan Tool, or FRST,  is a portable application designed to run in the Windows Vista and Windows 7 Recovery Environment in order to diagnose and fix boot issues. This tool can also be used in Windows XP if the system can boot to Recovery Environment by using a PE Boot CD.

This program will display detailed information about the Windows Registry loading points, services, driver services, Netsvcs entries, known DLLs, Exe associations, drives, and partition specifications. It will also list some important system files that could be patched by malware.

Note: There are both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Farbar Recovery Scan Tool available.  Please pick the version that matches your operating system's bit type."

BadReader AllowsYou to Copy Damaged Files to from CD/DVD and Maybe Other Disk to Your Hard Disk - "BadReader is a corrupt files read/copy tool.

Do you have CDs or DVDs which are not completely readable? Now, with BadReader, you can read information just skipping bad blocks. BadReader is a small tool, which allows you to copy damaged files to your hard disk.

BadReader is free software. Any use of this software program which is illegal under international or local law is forbidden. Any such action is the sole responsibility of the person committing the action. The product is distributed on an As-Is basis."

Steps for Imaging a Corrupt Hard Drive - "These steps describe my own journey... you will need to adapt them for your own unique set of circumstances. Standard disclaimer applies, as always: You are 100% responsible for your own actions. Using this guide, visiting a link, downloading a program, in short, living, is done entirely at your own risk (and joy)..."

Mac OS X Cocoa application that Fixes RAR Archives Using Par2 - "UnRarX is a Mac OS X Cocoa application that allows you to expand rar archives and restore corrupted or missing archives using par2."

Digital Picture Recovery for Old Mac OS - "Salvage is a tool for recovering digital camera pictures from corrupt removable media. Salvage requires a Macintosh PowerPC running Mac OS 8.6 with MRJ 2.2.4 or later. You will also need Disk Copy 6.3.3 (Available from - Knowledge Base article 60353)"

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

MiniTool® Mac Data Recovery Free Edition - Works with iPod and Maybe iPhone - "MiniTool Mac Data Recovery Free Edition is a powerful still free Mac data recovery software for home and business users, with which user can free undelete files, restore lost data from formatted/deleted/lost partition, recover data from corrupted/virus-ravaged hard drive under unexpected system shutdown or software failure circumstance. Moreover, this Mac data recovery software supports a variety of storage devices including IDE/SATA/SCSI/USB hard disk, memory card, memory stick, USB flash drive and iPod. 1 GB free data recovery is allowed with MiniTool Mac Data recovery 2.0 Free Edition. MiniTool Mac Data Recovery Free Edition includes four functional modules - Undelete Recovery, Damaged Partition Recovery, Lost Partition Recovery and Digital Media Recovery. Focusing on diverse data loss cases, each functional module considerately aids user performing desired Mac data recovery efficiently."

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

New Free Method for Extracting Text from Corrupt Word 97-2003 DOC Files

I have recently discovered  an effective method for recovering text from corrupt doc files using NotePad++ and the TextFX Characters plugin.

Notepad++ download page

    • Go to the "Plugins" menu and start up the "Plugins Manager". 
    Plugin manager menu choice

    • Install "TextFX Characters". 
    Plugin manager with TextFX Characters highlighted

    • Hit Control-A on your keyboard to highlight all the characters in your document. 
    Atl-A all text selected.

    • Choose the "TextFX"  menu which should now have a separate choice on the main menu right next to "Plugins".  
    TextFX menu selected.

    • Next choose "TextFX Characters" proper and then scroll down and choose "Zap all non-printable characters to #". 
    Zap non-printable code to "#" selected.

    • Hit Ctl-H to bring up the Search and Replace window and search for "#" and replace it with nothing, not a space, just no character whatsoever. This replacing may take a long time, much longer than the zipping to #. Be patient.
    Ctl-H replace window displayed.

    • Now scroll down looking for usable text. When and if you find it, remove the machine code above and below it then save the file as a text file with say the name of the file recovered and "_recovered_text.txt" attached to the end of it. Then you are done.
    Usable text from another file displayed.

    Unfortunately often times you will not be able to recover text because your file no longer contains usable text but instead has become mixed up replaced with executable, image or other machine code.

    Machine code.

    Note also for a limited time, my friend at Recoveronix, Emil, is offering free recovery of files using the coupon "S2SERVICES", a $39 value!

    Online Word Recovery for free with "S2SERVICES" coupon.

    Do a demo recovery and then put in the coupon.  This is a highly effective service and thus a great deal: It will allow you to often recover formatting as well as recovered text in recoverable doc files.

    Thursday, July 19, 2012

    Undelete for Google Calendar - "Losing calendar events can be devastating. Just ask: the manager who just lost a year's worth of meetings
    the teacher whose entire semester was just wiped out
    the proprietor of a B&B who just lost all of her reservations
    Google says, “Once an event is deleted, its full details can’t be recovered.”

    Spanning says, “Au contraire! Once an event is deleted, we might be able to undelete it!”

    Monday, July 16, 2012

    Fix “Could Not Find This Item” When Deleting in Windows 7 - " If you’ve been using Windows for as long as I have, you have probably run into your share of weird error messages. One that I got recently when trying to delete a file was:

    Could not find this item. This is no longer located in X. Verify the item’s location and try again.

    This was a strange problem because I didn’t know if the file actually existed or not. Was it already deleted or not? And why was Windows showing the file located in that folder if it really wasn’t there? Kind of made me wonder if my hard drive was running ok or not..."

    Tuesday, July 10, 2012

    Interesting Article About Failure of SSD Drives - "When they originally began to hit the market, solid state drives were hailed for both speed and reliability. Many users assumed that because an SSD has no mechanical parts it is at less risk to fail. It’s simple logic that is correct more often than wrong – if there are fewer parts to break overall reliability will be better.
    In this case, however, that logic is not always correct. An in-depth article at Tom’s Hardware suggests that solid state drives and mechanical drives are equally reliable for at least their first few years of use and another study by a French retailer suggests that the two are equally reliable..."
    Interesting but no free magic bullet discussed yet...

    Only Until September 1- Free Recoveronix Online File Recovery - this is a great value. Emil, the president of Recoveronix is trying to gauge the level of traffic from my websites, so is generously offering free recovery of any file type through his online corrupt file recovery service. This is probably the best online corrupt file recovery service on the web, no kidding. It usually cost $39 a file :-).

    To get the free recovery:
    1. Choose your file
    2. Click on the green "Secure Upload and Repair Button".
    3. Click on the " Download demo-repaired file" link
    4. Enter "S2SERVICES" without the quotes, in the field where it says "If you have a promotion code, you can use it here." and click the Submit button.
    5. Download your Full results version of your file with the link provided.
    The code is good until September 1 rolls around.  Apparently you can recover all these file types: 
    • Office Type Files and Windows: Access (mdb, mda, accdb), Excel (xls, xlsx, xla), Money (mny, mbf), Open Office Calc (ods), Open Office Writer (odt),  QuickBooks (qbw, qba), PDF, PowerPoint (ppt, pptx, pps), Project (mpp), Publisher (pub), Word (doc, docx, rtf), WordPerfect (wpd, rtf), Works document (wps), Works spreadsheet (xlr), Works database (wdb),Windows Backup (bkf, zip)
    • Email: Lotus Notes (nsf), OneNote (one), Outlook (pst, ost), Outlook Express (mbx, dbx)
    • Servers: BizTalk (mdf), Lotus Notes (nsf), Project Server (mdf), VMWare (vhd, vmdk), Virtual PC (vhd, vmdk), Citrix Xen (xva, ova, img), Sun xVM (vhd, vmdk)
    • Database: Access (mdb, mda, accdb), FileMaker Pro (fp5, fp7), Interbase / Firebird (gdb, fdb), MySQL (myd, myi), Oracle (dbf, ora, dmp), Paradox (db), PostgreSQL, SQL Server (mdf, ndf, bak, ldf), Sybase (dat), SQL Anywhere Server (db), Visual FoxPro (dbf)
    • Image, Zip and Misc: Zip,  JPEG, GIF, TIFF, BMP, PNG or RAW, Photoshop (psd, pdd), Virtual Drive (vhd, vmdk, ova)

    Monday, July 09, 2012

    How to Recover Data Even When Hard Drive is Damaged - "Here at GeekyProjects we have been receiving hard drives for a while from all over the world and recovering their data in exchange for donations to the site. (We even received one from a soldier stationed in Afghanistan once).   However, lately our focus has shifted towards the website itself and we no longer have the time to continue with the service. Nevertheless, we have decided to share our knowledge with the public in a series of articles, and this one is probably one of the most important. How to recover data even when the hard drive is damaged...."

    Hasleo Data Recovery FreeV3.2 - Free as in Freeware - Permanently from Hasleo Software "Hasleo Data Recovery FreeV3.2 100% Free Data Recovery Software...