Tuesday, July 24, 2012

New Free Method for Extracting Text from Corrupt Word 97-2003 DOC Files

I have recently discovered  an effective method for recovering text from corrupt doc files using NotePad++ and the TextFX Characters plugin.

Notepad++ download page

    • Go to the "Plugins" menu and start up the "Plugins Manager". 
    Plugin manager menu choice

    • Install "TextFX Characters". 
    Plugin manager with TextFX Characters highlighted

    • Hit Control-A on your keyboard to highlight all the characters in your document. 
    Atl-A all text selected.

    • Choose the "TextFX"  menu which should now have a separate choice on the main menu right next to "Plugins".  
    TextFX menu selected.

    • Next choose "TextFX Characters" proper and then scroll down and choose "Zap all non-printable characters to #". 
    Zap non-printable code to "#" selected.

    • Hit Ctl-H to bring up the Search and Replace window and search for "#" and replace it with nothing, not a space, just no character whatsoever. This replacing may take a long time, much longer than the zipping to #. Be patient.
    Ctl-H replace window displayed.

    • Now scroll down looking for usable text. When and if you find it, remove the machine code above and below it then save the file as a text file with say the name of the file recovered and "_recovered_text.txt" attached to the end of it. Then you are done.
    Usable text from another file displayed.

    Unfortunately often times you will not be able to recover text because your file no longer contains usable text but instead has become mixed up replaced with executable, image or other machine code.

    Machine code.

    Note also for a limited time, my friend at Recoveronix, Emil, is offering free recovery of files using the coupon "S2SERVICES", a $39 value!

    Online Word Recovery for free with "S2SERVICES" coupon.

    Do a demo recovery and then put in the coupon.  This is a highly effective service and thus a great deal: https://online.officerecovery.com/word/. It will allow you to often recover formatting as well as recovered text in recoverable doc files.

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