Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Big News! Recoveronix Extends the Free S2SERVICES Coupon for Online Recovery Service Until May 1, 2013

11/07/2012 - Emil, the owner of Recoveronix is extending the coupon "S2SERVCES" until May 1, 2013 with their online corrupt file repair service: With the coupon, repair of files ordinarily costing $39 is free! He is doing this to see if I can steer enough traffic his way to justify extending an affiliate relationship, so use the coupon away!

To use the coupon:

1. Click the "Choose File" button.
Click the Choose File button

2. Click the green "Secure Upload and Repair" button.
Click the Secure Upload and Repair button

3. Click on the link in the upper right that says "Demo: Download demo-repaired file"
Click on the "Demo: Download demo-repaired file" Link

4. Scroll down past the Demo section to the "Full Results" section and enter the coupon code in "S2SERVICES" as written in all caps, without the quotes and press the "Submit Code" button.
Enter "S2SERVICES" and Click the "Submit Code" Button

5. Click on the file link that is under the phrase "Download Full Results" to download your hopefully repaired file. In this case the file was named "22.xlsx" so the repaired file name is "22.OfficeRecovery Online Full.xlsx"
Click on the File Link that is Under the Phrase "Download Full Results"

Good luck! If this doesn't work, try some other suggestions here: or upload a file to me for manual repair here:, I charge $22 for success but will refund your money if I don't succeed. You can also try my freeware: or

Final note: this coupon is good for all Recoveronix' online file repair service file types which is a huge variety: 

Access (mdb, mda, accdb)
Excel (xls, xlsx, xla)
Money (mny, mbf)
Lotus Notes (nsf)
QuickBooks (qbw, qba)
OneNote (one)
PowerPoint (ppt, pptx, pps)
Outlook (pst, ost)
Project (mpp)
Outlook Express (mbx, dbx)
Publisher (pub)
Word (doc, docx, rtf)
Works document (wps)
Works spreadsheet (xlr)
Works database (wdb)
Windows Backup (bkf, zip)
Access (mdb, mda, accdb)
BizTalk (mdf)
FileMaker Pro (fp5, fp7)
Interbase / Firebird (gdb, fdb)
Lotus Notes (nsf)
MySQL (myd, myi)
Project Server (mdf)
Oracle (dbf, ora, dmp)
Paradox (db)
VMWare (vhd, vmdk)
Virtual PC (vhd, vmdk)
SQL Server (mdf, ndf, bak, ldf)
Citrix Xen (xva, ova, img)
Sybase (dat)
Sun xVM (vhd, vmdk)
SQL Anywhere Server (db)
Visual FoxPro (dbf)
Photoshop (psd, pdd)
WordPerfect (wpd, rtf)
Virtual Drive (vhd, vmdk, ova)
Writer (odt)
Calc (ods)

Recoveronix also offers an even larger set of commercial software for your recovery needs. It won't be free but they are among the bests bets out there and of course you can always try a demo for free fist to see if the software works. Here is a full list of software they provide, which you can get to by clicking on the links: 

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