Sunday, November 04, 2012

Recovering an iPhone Backup Password - One of the posts includes the following quote:
"I may have found a solution to this, as it has worked for me already.

My problem was similar to this; I had restored my phone to an old point just to see what it was like and when I tried to restore it back to my most recent one it asked for a password. I put in any it could possibly be to no avail. On the summary page on itunes, I went down to the back up section and saw the "Encrypt iPhone backup" part was unchecked, so I checked it and entered a new password. I went to restore it and when asked for the password, I simply put in the password I just set it as and it worked. From my observation everything is back exactly how it was.

I hope this helps anyone with this problem."
Another similar post here suggests:

  1. from /Application/Utilities open the Keychain Access utility
  2. make sure that on the left side "All items" is selected under categories
  3. in the upper right search field enter "iphone" and then look for a keychain item named "iPhone Backup" of kind "application password". If there is no such item, you´re mostly out of luck
  4. double click on the "iPhone Backup" entry and in the new window that will open, click on the "show password" checkbox
  5. you will now be prompted to enter your password (the one your user has on your Mac) to show the iPhone backup password; click Allow (once). You should now see the iPhone Backup password in clear text.

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