Wednesday, January 16, 2013

TopTen Review's 2013 Best Hard Drive Recovery Service Reviews - "Performing regular backups of your data is the best line of defense against catastrophic data loss. Unfortunately, physical damage, user deletion and logical hard drive failure (when the firmware as opposed to the hardware of your hard disk fails) all pose serious risks to your data, and total protection isn't always possible.

Attempting to recover data from a damaged hard drive is a delicate process; if done improperly, you risk permanently losing your data. Irreversible data loss can be disastrous, especially if the files you lose are mission-critical for your business or are irreplaceable, such as family photos. While do-it-yourself recovery applications exist, a hard drive recovery service is arguably the safest and most effective way to recover data from damaged hard drives, as well as servers and other devices. These services have high success rates, with authorized technicians trained to expertly recover data from damaged, failing or corrupted hard drives in state-of-the-art cleanrooms. These cleanrooms are secure, controlled labs designated specifically for data recovery work on delicate hard disks.

Top-notch recovery services such as SalvageData, Secure Data Recovery and DriveSavers offer an array of data recovery solutions for a wide range of data loss situations. To learn more about how these services work, please read our articles on hard drive recovery services."

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