Monday, February 18, 2013

Blurb Including Advice I Give to User Who Send Me a Corrupt XLSX Files That I Can't Recover

I have a form where users can pay $22 with PayPal and send me a corrupt file such as a corrupt Word file. Here is the advice I give when I can't usefully recover anything from a XLSX file:

"Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but the file you sent only has a small part that was recoverable. I'm refunding you $17, $5 is the fee I take for the analysis. What I was able to recover is attached.
All may not be lost though. My suggestion to you is to:

Search for temporary, deleted or lost versions of your file with:
  • Recuva is excellent freeware for recovering lost, deleted or temp versions of files.
  • RecoverMyFiles is an excellent commercial program. Try the demo first.
  • Excel Regenerator, as far I know this program works like the two above programs and is also commercial like RecoverMyFiles.
  • PC Inspector File Repair  may work like the three pieces of software above and is also freeware like Recuva. However it only works on doc, xls and ppt files not docx, xlsx or pptx.
You can also find previous versions of your file by:
  • Right clicking on the file in Explorer (or My Computer), choosing "Properties", then the "Previous versions" tab if you have it and finally clicking on a found earlier version of the file and the "Restore" button. If you have Vista Home Basic or Premium, you probably won't have this choice on your right click menu unless if you are using it in a school or business and the IT department has turn on the feature at the server. Sometimes they even turn on Previous Version Recovery for their XP Pro machines although I'm not sure the two pieces of freeware that follow would work the same way as the previous versions are probably store on the server.
  • Shadow Explorer - If you have Vista Home Basic or Premium the previous versions of the files might still be there as Restore Point snapshots on your hard drive and you can use this freeware to find out.
If you are able to recover a temporary or deleted version of your file and that is corrupt too, you can send the file to me again or also try these commercial solutions with your temporary or deleted version of your file:
  • Repair Corrupted File Online - Use the coupon "S2SERVICES" without the quotes for a free recovery. Emil from Recoveronix is letting me use this code for free recovery for my customers until May 1, 2013. 
  • Recovery for Excel - Commercial software from Recoveronix again for recovery of corrupt files locally. 
  • ExcelFix - another piece of commercial software for recovery of corrupt files locally.
  • Excel Recovery is more freeware for xls and xlsx. It brings into one place and allows you to easily implement most of Microsoft's recommended recovery methods.
  • Corrupt Office Salvager even more freeware that works with xls and xlsx also updated but only occasionally works.
Here is some additional advice that might help you recover previous version files or help you open them if you find them:
Good luck. Sorry you are having this problem and that I couldn't have been more help if I wasn't."

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