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Microsoft Mr. Fix It Utility: Fix problems with programs that can't be installed or uninstalled

Microsoft Fix it
"Automatically repair program installation issues that installing or removing program fails because of corrupted registry keys or blocked installation. Find other automated solutions
What it fixes...
  • Removes bad registry key on 64 bit operating systems.
  • Windows registry keys that control the upgrade (patching) data that become corrupted.
  • Resolves problems that prevent new programs from being installed.
  • Resolves problems that prevent programs from being completely uninstalled and blocking new installations and updates.
  • Use this troubleshooter for an uninstall only if the program fails to uninstall using the windows add/remove programs feature."

Tampa Bay Times Article: How to get rid of blank page with Web page -
"Most of the possible solutions for this problem involve registry fixes, but I didn't see anything that is sure to fix this exact problem, so we'll skip the registry edits. The best thing to do is to run the Internet Explorer reset. This will restore the Internet Explorer settings to their original state. You can do this by clicking "Tools," "Internet Options," the "Advanced" tab and then the "Reset" button. Close and reopen Internet Explorer. Go to "Tools" and "Manage Add-ons." You can re-enable any add-ons that were disabled in the reset. Do this only for the ones you need and do this one add-on at a time, testing your general browsing functionality before enabling any others."
The article also covers a recommendation to run Malwarebytes once a month and not being able to uninstall and reinstall Microsoft Security Essentials and the error message referring to this location: c:\8287e54ec2420eccec2fbb\x86. See the next post for the latter.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Freeware Android App - iTag - Music Tag Editor by INFOLIFE LLC

A music tag editor on your phone!
*Standard id3 tags support.
*Music Title, Artist and Album editor
*Support quick search and preview in player
*Easy Cover with "lucky cover"
*Support mp3, ogg, m4a and flac.
#Please send me a bug report before you give 1 star, 1 star doesn't help fixing the problem at all.
#Credit: Italian translation by Gabriele Ravanetti.
Swedish translation by Magnus Burton.
1.WAV file doesn't support standard ID3 tags, not everything will work on WAV files.
2.If you are using version 1.9.10, please update.It has problem under 2.1 and below.
3.This editor uses ID3v23 format for saving.
4.If you find any bug, feel free to send us feedback, you can also send me the problem file using send in long press menu.
Samsung phones have a problem with corrupt ID3 tags. The phone's media scanner will crash when scan a corrupt file and part or all of your music will not show up in system music player any more. If your music are missing after editing, just find the file you edited and delete it. The bug doesn't exist on motorola and htc phones. And this app also has no problem with corrupt files. We are doing more tests on more phone models."

Free Android App - Droid tool by jack

Droid tool jack
Android tool for backup fix repair manage transfer and clean android phones
Droid Tool is a powerful offline universal client for Android Phones, operating through PC Windows XP/Vista/7, it does *NOT* requires ROOT devices, and is able to operate several tools on mass storage memory of Android Devices.
** SAMSUNG GS3 NOTE: Due to limited mass storage access of the device, only a limited part of tools are working with this device.
features (an asterisk has ben put in side of cancellation tools):
backup / restore multimedia (media copy)
backup / restore everything (image copy)
*cleanup cache - index, log, temporary data, orphans
copy last media to pc - images, videos and audio recording
*move last media to pc - images, videos and audio recording
thumbkiller - remove image cache and thumbnails
d-fix - repair mass memory storage file system
dmark - data transfer benchmark
juck - orthodox peripheral disconnect
more tools..
- *D-Cleaner
Cleanup registry, cache, index files, logs, temporary data, orphans, leave all the rest untouched (some application/game and personal
data may be removed too.. so is better to make a backup before proceeding)
- Thumbkiller
remove image thumbnails and image index files
- *Full delete
Remove all the mass memory storage data, including media (photo and video) in a secure way, so privacy is safe if you give or sell your device
deletes everything from the mass storage android device, in a unrecoverable way,
so privacy is protected, useful when selling/giving a phone, also useful to remove
a previous quickbak/fullback storage from PC.
Note: If you wish to use droid tool to backup to pc your android applications prior a full factory reset or a full format of your phone, it is suggested to use it in conjunction with one of several App List Backup applications you can easily find on Android Market.
- Quickbak -
Backup multimedia and personal documents in a click
- Quickres -
Restore multimedia and personal documents in a click
- Fullbak -
Backup a complete image of your mass storage
- Fullres -
Restore a complete image of your mass storage
- Transfer media -
Tranfer (copy) last photos and videos from the cellular, in a click
- *Move media -
Move last images and photos AWAY from cellular phone to PC, in a click
- D-Fix
A scan & fix tool, that check android file system and try to repair its structure.
Useful, as long as people keep connecting and disconnecting android devices
from PC in a unorthodox way, this may easily lead to a file system corruption.
Droid-fix should fix this and other kind of file system damage.
- Juck
People tend to disconnect Phones, unhortodoxly from their computers, again and again, sistematically... that's why, so incident percentage of data loss, and malfunctioning of file system of MANY Android devices.. no one wants to unlock the device, wait, and disconnect. is boring. So, Droid tool, does it for you with a click, choose the device, and it will be disconnected from Windows in a clean and orthodox way, so you can take the USB safely away from the PC.
- Snoop
Here a deep analysis tool of your Android phone, with many information about file system, storage, installed applications, and functional status.
- D-Mark (Benchmark)
This tool analyze the performance of internal data access time of the Android device, and the transfer rate of data from PC to the Android device. Giving a specified index value.

Freeware Android Password Cracker - MD5breaker by Pierre B

"MD5breaker is primary a hash-recovery-tool. You can also use it as a little toy to check out how strong your passwords are.
MD5breaker allows you to break up and modify the range of possibilities for search.
MD5breaker uses service-based multithreads for it's search.
Have a lot of fun and good luck!"

Only $1 - Office Document Unlocker by Z-lab

Office Document Unlocker - gets rid of read only editing lock password on docx and xlsx files.


Forgot your password from XLSX or DOCX document's?
Unlock file editing with Office Document Unlocker!
Just choose file and wait a second!
!! IMPORTANT: Do not attempt to gain access to protected files that you do not belong! This is illegal!
Application unlock any password-protected XLSX or DOCX file's.
Encrypted files are not supported yet!
SEO: Office Document Unlocker for Android let you unlock any password protected office documents in DOCX and XLSX format in one click! Office document passowrd recovery.


Freeware Android App - Cryptfs Password by Nikolay Elenkov


Changes the Android disk encryption password.
This tool REQUIRES root access to work. If you are not using disk encryption this tool will not be useful to you. In fact, it will not even start on your device.
*** WARNING ***
If you forget the new password after you change it, you will not be able to boot the device. You will have to perform a factory reset, DELETING all your data. Make sure you take a full backup before using this tool, and REMEMBER THE PASSWORD. You have been warned, use at your own risk!
Android 3.0 (Honeycomb) introduced disk encryption and it has been available on all subsequent versions. It encrypts the data partition with a key protected by a user-selected password and requires entering the password in order to boot the device. However, Android uses the device unlock password or PIN as the device encryption password, and doesn't allow you to change them separately. This effectively forces you to use a simple password, since you have to enter it each time you unlock your device, usually dozens of times a day. This tool allows you to change the encryption password to a more secure one, without affecting the screen unlock password/PIN. To change the device encryption password simply:
1. Enter the current password
(initially the same as the unlock password/PIN)
2. Enter and confirm the new password
3. Hit 'Change password'
The changes take effect immediately, but you will only be required to enter the new password the next time you boot your device. Make sure you choose a good password, not based on a dictionary word, since automated tools can brute force a simple password in minutes. Above all, make sure you REMEMBER the new password.
If you change the device unlock password/PIN, the encryption password will be automatically changed as well. You need to use this tool again to change it back, if required.
More details and some background information here:
This tool is open source. Code is available on Github under the Apache 2.0 license.
Tested on Galaxy Nexus with
* stock Jelly Bean (4.1.1)
* CyanognenMod 9 (4.0.4)
NO WARRANTY. Use at your own risk."

Freeware Android App - Router Password Recovery by AtomicX 


Recover router password or any password for websites that use HTTP Auth.
It uses broute force or dictionary to determine password. Easy setup for router url, charset, starting password, number of threads, ... It works with http and https (slower).
Multi-thread support with speed monitor.
Structure of a dictionary file is one password per line. You can select it from external storage.
Currently tested on DD-WRT and Tomato but it should work on others.
- HTC Desire: 50 p/s
- Samsung Galaxy Nexus: 70 p/s
1) url does not support http auth:
- sometimes you need to enter different URL. For example on DD-WRT main site (by default) is not password protected. So you enter URL like
- in some weird cases Tomato powered router rejects connections from mobile phone. Still looking into that. Restarting router helps.
- your router simply uses different protocol for authentication
Only use this application on routers you have permission to access."

Android App Freeware - Password Facebook Recovery
Just write your email retrieves the key to your facebook.
I am not responsible for misuse."

Android App - Hexamob Recovery Lite *ROOT*

Hexamob Recovery Lite *ROOT*
* ROOT REQUIRED (superuser) to run recovery tools included.
* HowToRoot app en HEXAMOB.COM:
HowToRoot app en GOOGLE PLAY:
* Support vfat and ext2,ext3,ext4 filesystems.
* Support USB storage devices.
* This app will let you to try to recover your deleted files * The success will depend on the state of data blocks of the deleted files. Please dont rate negatively. We're only giving you a chance to recover your deleted files but any app can ensure a good recovery.
* If you try to recover deleted files from internal memories of tablets and devices like Galaxy have to take into account normally IT SHOULD BE IMPOSIBLE to recover deleted files from these storage devices due to the filesystem type but we're trying to give you a chance with some tricks.
Recovery of deleted files depends on the state of data blocks of the deleted files. If system have overwritten data blocks of your deleted files you normally never will get recovered these deleted files because they have corrupted data blocks."

Android App - SGS Toolbox - Will Remove Corrupt Images, Videos and Music to prevent your phone apps from getting hung up and wasting the battery.
Note: for more frequent updates, check the donate version.
Although the app doesn't do anything harmful: Use at your own risk! I cannot be held responsible for phones exploding, orbiting to mars or any other damage done.
You'll need root and busybox for some functions!
Toolbox app for Samsung Galaxy S
- Check & backup device product code files (req. root)
- Access hidden dialer code menu's
- Reboot and reboot into recovery (req. root)
- Mount /system as rw (and back to ro) (req. root)
- CSC Selection
- Scan SD card for corrupt image/movie files and remove these to prevent the mediaserver process from going crazy and draining your battery."

Android App - Undelete for Root Users


Undelete for Android is an application for root users that allows you to recover any deleted files from your SD card or internal storage. LOOK IN "UNDELETE" FOLDER FOR FILES.

With support for over 1000 file types, Undelete can come in handy if you accidentally delete photos or want some old tunes to listen to on the go.

Undelete can also securely wipe and shred files so that they will be impossible for others to recover.


★ Restore any file that has not been written over

★ Securely wipe/shred files

★ Works with documents, images, video, music, archives and binaries

★ Thumbnail preview generation

★ Batch operations

★ Custom restore folder

★ Preview media files

Without the unlock Key, this application will only restore image files. Please buy the Key to unlock full functionality.

Currently, only FAT is supported. On most devices this means that only the external SD is supported.

Some files that are discovered after a scan may fail to recover as the data can be corrupted beyond repair, just like desktop based solutions.

ROOT PERMISSIONS require that you modify the operating system on your device, visit our website for more information:

INTERNET and READ DATA permissions are needed for the logging system. Logs are only sent manually with your permission through the "Write to us" dialog."

Android App - WiFi Key Recovery (needs root) -


** You need root to use this application.
** You need to have connected to the network in the past.
** This app cannot "hack" into an unknown/new network.
I cannot help you with getting root. Have a look at for that.
Have you ever forgotten the password of your home WiFi network, or the one you setup for your parents a few months back?
This application will help you recover the password of a wireless network you have connected to with your device in the past.
You can then either tap on an entry to copy it, or export the list to SD, or share it using the standard Android sharing facilities.
It does not crack the network, or use the MAC/SSID address to deduce the password. It simply reads it from the device itself.
Essentially it parses the wpa_supplicant file.
For more information on how the keys are recovered read here:
No ads.
Please use responsibly.
Tested by me on:
•HTC Desire Z
•Samsung Galaxy Tab.
According to feedback it also works on:
•HTC Desire HD
•HTC Evo
•LG Optimus 2X
•Motorola Defy
•Samsung Captivate
•Viewsonic gTablet
•Xperia X10 Mini
Email me if does not work on your device and I'll try to fix it.

Android App - WiFi Pass Recovery & Backup


This application lists alphabetically all wireless passwords stored on your device, backs up the list in a file to the memory card and restore it when you want with one click!


[✔] LISTS, BACKUP & RESTORE all network's password saved in your device!

[✔] Show SSID and Password on fullscreen (for easy viewing and sharing with others)

[✔] Copy Password to Clipboard (to be able to paste anywhere)

[✔] Show QR Code (to another device scan and access the network)

[✔] Send by SMS (to share password network through sms)

[✔] Send by Email (to share password network through email)


[✖] This application cannot crack unknown networks

[✖] Needs superuser permissions

[✖] Needs previous access to WiFi networks with your device."

Android App - Recovery Manager (Phone Flasher) -


11/03/12 - I've added a load of more devices to the list! Please try it out. I'm working on a new update that I'm going to release soon! <3

PEOPLE, THIS ISN'T AN APP TO RECOVERY FILES(PICTURES, ETC)! So please, I'd appreciate it if you would stop commenting/sending me email on how to recovery files, because this is not for that purpose!
This app allows you to flash several recovery images. The main recovery image is ClockWorkMod, but there are also alternatives that can flashed such as TWRP, etc. Very easy to use.

Supports 200+ devices.

Have a recovery image for your device that's not listed in the app? Contact me, or comment." - If you have a recovery image, which I take it is a phone memory disk image  with the OS of the phone etc., than this is an app which will help you get that disk image in your phones meory (I think).

Hexamob Recovery Lite *Root* - amazing long Amazon link, shortened by a cool non-profit Amazon product URL shortener website at Pretty slick.
By the way this one of the first data recovery freeware apps for Android...
Below is Amazon's descriptions. So far two reviewer didn't like the app. It may mean it requirtes expertise like rooting the phone.

"Product Features

  • Recover deleted files
  • Use with either internal or external SD Cards
  • Upgrade to full version for more features

Product Description
Hexamob Recovery can recover deleted files from your internal/external sdcard (smartphones) and internal sdcard (tablets). Internal sdcard from tablets will be supported nearly. Data recovery is not guaranteed because it depends on the state of data blocks after delete process. Normally, if data blocks are not overwritten, the recovery process will run successfully.There is a Lite and a PRO version.

Technical Details

  • Size: 4.0MB
  • Version: 1.1
  • Developed By: Hexamob
  • Application Permissions: (Help me understand what permissions mean)
    • Open network sockets
    • Write to external storage
    • Access the vibration feature
    • Access information about networks
  • Minimum Operating System: Android 1.0
  • Approximate Download Time: Less than 1 minute"

Reset Firefox – easily fix most problems - recommended by the user ha14 for a question about Firefox mangling the display of Ha14  is the top "Genius" commenter of the week from and has been for many weeks that I've been following. The question is here:

Treasure Trove of Mostly Older DOS Utilities for Disk Recovery Inc. NTFS Based Disks

Extended FDisk DOS screenshot. - This is a fantstic site of mostly DOS freeware. The links is for the disk recovery software but the page lists every concievable kind of type of DOS software. Apparently this list was mostly compile by Steve 'Short.Stop' Adelewitz who passed away in 2009.

Great LifeHacker Article with Many Links - How to Recover Deleted Files with Free Software - a good succint article with the major freeware links for recovering lost files of the major kinds, like MS Office, photos, corrupted CDs, dieing or formatted over disks etc.

Great Article - 10 Ways to Find a Lost Word Document (.doc) - List 10 places and ways to recover a good version of lost or corrupted Word .doc extension file. The article is simple and easy to follow.

Friday, March 22, 2013

XLStyles Tool - Clean Up Corrupt Excel Files that Are Openable - Make Them More Stable - Excellent

You can find this free tool in the Windows 8 App store. It's pretty neat. It would be used with corrupt Excel files that still can be opened. 

Since I'm only learning how to use Windows 8 apps myself, I thought I would make a tutorial on how to search for the app in the Windows Store, install it and use it. I think they actually did an excellent job with how Windows 8 works. It's just simpler than the old ways but not immediately apparent to a soon to be senior like me.

To do so:
1. First you swipe on the lower right to bring up your Search Bar.
2. Click on Search to activate the apps section of Windows 8. 
3. Click on the "Store". The store starts up. Now swipe again on the lower right.
Your search is now searching in the Windows 8 store as you can tell by the tiny
white lettering above the Search Field on the Search Menu that says "Store".
4. Search for XLStylesTool and click on the XLStylesTool result.
5. Click on the Install button.
6. XLStyles Tool installed. Go ahead and click on it.
7. Click on the "Get File" button and load a possibly corrupt
Excel file that still opens that you want to clean up,
 improve performance and size and perhaps recover data.
8. Navigate through the file structure provided by Windows 8
apps and select the spreadsheet you wish to improve.
9. Check which improvements you
want to make and click "Process File".
10. Examine your results. There apparently is no need to save your
changes as they were made and saved automatically. The file should
become smaller and more stable and possibly show previously corrupt data.
11. Here is the readme.txt file downloaded from XLGeek's skydrive
you can find Windows desktop versions for Windows 7 and below.
They are called XLCleaner and XLCleanerDotNET4.0 in the Skydrive.
XLGeek also has a blog here.

"How to use XLStylesTool.EXE
This OOXML based tool removes unused cell styles, “stubborn styles” that you can't delete through Excel UI, bad named ranges, named ranges with external references, unhides non-system created hidden named ranges. This tool will work on workbooks with protected sheets and read-only password protected workbooks in about 1-2 sec.
Features and options

Feature: removes all unused styles from the workbook. Unused style = style that is defined in the workbook, but is not used in any cells.
Option: has an option to force all cell styles to ‘Normal’. <- Produces the best results when it comes to size and workbook stability.
IMPORTANT: you will NOT lose any cell formatting if you force all styles to 'Normal'. This option simply resets cell style property to 'Normal' and doesn't alter any of already applied format settings.
This option will get you the most stable and the cleanest version of your workbook. If your file scan shows that Styles Max ID is not equal to Style Node Count minus 1 (this is an indication that you have very serious styles related corruption in the file) I strongly recommend that you force all styles to 'Normal'.
Named Ranges:
Feature: removes all bad named ranges. Criteria for bad named range = named range that refers to “#REF!”.
Option: has an option to remove named ranges that refer to external sources.  These typically contribute to a huge workbook size bloat and most users are unaware that they even have huge caches in their workbooks because they have been hauling them around literally for years.
Option: has an option to unhide hidden named ranges.  Handles cases where named ranges are hidden and therefore are invisible to the users that are trying to clean up the workbook manually. NOTE: system generated named ranges with valid references will remain untouched and hidden.

The app user has the ability to analyze the impact of various selected options on the file and assess the impact of all selections before saving the changes. The actual file won’t be altered and written to disk until you choose to do so. However, the file should be saved via Excel client to complete the cleanup process. Excel file save process does a lot of work to finish the process of getting rid of unused styles, unused custom number formats, unused cached data, etc…
You may expect workbook sizes to drop significantly. In some extreme cases I've seen size drops from 4MB down to 40KB after a cleanup with subsequent Excel client save."

Thursday, March 21, 2013

The Microsoft Office Visualization Tool (OffVis) - "The Microsoft Office Visualization Tool (OffVis) allows IT professionals, security researchers and malware protection vendors to better understand the Microsoft Office binary file format in order to deconstruct .doc-, .xls- and .ppt-based targeted attacks. The unique, easy-to-use tool offers a comprehensive view of any Microsoft Office binary file format sample simply by hovering a cursor over it. The tool then graphically shows important data structures and records for Microsoft Office Word, Microsoft Office PowerPoint and Microsoft Office Excel. Users can then browse and click through each record." - Download the fact sheet/instructions and within it there is the download link:

This program is new to me. I guess it is like the OLE Readers listed on my S2 Services site I found it hard to use to extract text. I will post more later if I figure out how it can be useful dealing with corrupt files.

According to this page on  "...More generally useful, though, is the program's ability to pick out malicious code. If your document contains any of 16 known exploits then you'll be warned. This isn't a substitute for a real antivirus tool - it's not been updated in a while - but can still provide worthwhile information about a file...", so the program will detect older virus corruption and post a message.

Postscript: Aha! OffVis will do a repairs if you ask it to. Again from the same page: "Create a copy of your document first, then open and parse this in OffVis. Click Tools > Repair and Defragment, then click File > Save Data File As, give it a unique name, and try opening the document in Office again. OffVis will have tried to fix various file structure-related problems, and it's possible that you'll be able to view the document now, or at least more than you did before. But there are no guarantees and it might have made the situation worse, which is why you must use a copy of the original file. Try it, anyway, see how the program works for you."

Nice Article - 9 ways to recover a corrupt Microsoft Office file - "It's a nightmare, the frightening scenario that scares every Microsoft Office owner: one of your most important Word, Excel or PowerPoint files has somehow been corrupted. And now it either won't open at all, or you're able to view some of the content - but the rest seems to have disappeared.

The sight of hours, days, maybe weeks of work apparently gone forever is enough to ruin anyone's day, but don't give up just yet. The situation may not be quite as bad as it seems.

Office itself can fix some broken files; there are free plenty of tools around that can achieve even better results; and even if they fail, applying a few simple, straightforward manual tricks could be enough to recover your lost work, and in just a few minutes.

Make a copy of the faulty document before you do anything else: our techniques aren't destructive, but it's best to be safe. And then you're ready to begin. Here's what you need to know..." - The changing the template advice and the Microsoft Office Visualization Tool (OffVis) are new to me. Also he mentions my software in Step# 8 :-).

More Links for Failure to Recognize External Thumb and Hard Drives

  • - "One of the more helpful articles that we’ve posted is How to fix USB device not recognized in Windows. That post revolves around a very simple yet unorthodox solution for nearly any USB device that is not detected by Windows. In today’s post, we will help troubleshoot, more specifically, external hard drives.

    If your Windows computer doesn’t recognize your external hard drive, it’s most of the time not that Windows doesn’t actually recognize the drive, but rather, that the drive is not setup properly or formatted correctly. Here are some simple troubleshooting steps that should help with the majority of external hard drives..."
  • - "Start by verifying the cables are securely connected to the drive. If the USB cable that came with a Y-Cable, connect both to USB ports found on the back of your computer. This will ensure your drive is getting the appropriate power.

    If the drive is still unrecognized, check to see if the drive appears in Disk Management. To open Disk Management, right click My Computer and choose Manage. Disk Management is found on the left under Storage..."
  • - "'I have a small MicroSD card (16 GB, high capacity), When I connected the memory card to my computer (runs with Windows 7), absolutely nothing happens on the computer. It doesn't "ding", I can't find the device anywhere. The card reader is nowhere in sight, so it doesn't need to be remapped. What should I do to make my card appear under my Windows?'

    The Problems

    Have you ever met the tricky situation: the memory card (SD, CF, xD etc) insides your digital camera or mobile phone is now unreadable and can’t be detected by PC when connected? But you have so many precious files (pictures, videos, music, documents etc) storing on the tiny piece of storage device. How to make the card be recognized again or at least recover the files out of the memory card? Keep reading for the solution..." - Interesting article suggesting doing a quick then trying to do data recovery rather than doing data recovery first.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

How to unhide files hidden by a virus - "Have you one day tried to insert your flash disk to find out that all the files and folders not showing up? means they are hidden?well..don't panic much, that is indeed a virus that is hiding all those files and folders.

E.g In the following picture you will see that it shows all shortcuts to those folders but you can't access them cause they are hidden by a virus." - Files and folders disappeared on a USB memory drive or a big external one? Apparently the files can be hidden by a virus. This is a simple way to see them again. Apparently you should specify the drive letter at the end of the command: attrib -h -r -s /s /d g:*.* if you can't change the command prompt to the drive in question.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Nice Article from MakeUseOf About Using Chkdsk to Recover from a Dead MicroSD Card - "I rely on my Windows Mobile device on a daily basis (make that hourly) and this morning when I was not able to access my 8 gigabyte Micro SD card I was almost dead in the water.

All my email attachments, work files and even the storage for all my applications including photos, music and RSS data are on there. I was able to check email (albeit without attachments for what has already come in to my inbox.) I was able to get on the internet and make calls but I could not research a new article, email my invoices from the day before or even look at the pictures and video we took of my daughter yesterday..." Chkdsk /r saves the day :-).

MakeUseOf Article - 5 Things You Can Do To Silence A Noisy Laptop Fan - "I’ve had laptops for a good few years now, and never really looked back. The portability and masses of space I save outweighs my desire for a desktop PC and separate monitor.
The only thing that annoys me about my current laptop is the noise it kicks out when things start happening. This noise is my laptop cooling fan, which indicates that my laptop is hot. If it’s really loud then it’s too hot, and that’s not a good thing.

After years of dealing with this problem, I’ve learned that there are a few things you can do to silence that cacophony on your desk and hopefully stop your laptop from falling victim to heat exhaustion..."

MakeUseOf List of Freeware for Recovering Deleted Files - freeware for recovering deleted files from hard disk, camera memory, phone memory etc. Also some freeware for recovering from failing disks and lost partitions.

Nokia Phones - Forgot your memory card password? Here is what you can do - "Here are some of the ways that you can do to format a locked memory card and to safely recover the data from a locked memory card(on some conditions) through your phone." Maybe just for Nokia phones.

Susendeep Dutta adds in an answer to the to a MakeUseOf question, "Connect your phone to PC and then locate the file mmcstore (c:/sys/mmcstore) and open it with notepad.The file shows you stored password."

Hasleo Data Recovery FreeV3.2 - Free as in Freeware - Permanently from Hasleo Software "Hasleo Data Recovery FreeV3.2 100% Free Data Recovery Software...