Sunday, March 24, 2013

Freeware Android App - Router Password Recovery by AtomicX 


Recover router password or any password for websites that use HTTP Auth.
It uses broute force or dictionary to determine password. Easy setup for router url, charset, starting password, number of threads, ... It works with http and https (slower).
Multi-thread support with speed monitor.
Structure of a dictionary file is one password per line. You can select it from external storage.
Currently tested on DD-WRT and Tomato but it should work on others.
- HTC Desire: 50 p/s
- Samsung Galaxy Nexus: 70 p/s
1) url does not support http auth:
- sometimes you need to enter different URL. For example on DD-WRT main site (by default) is not password protected. So you enter URL like
- in some weird cases Tomato powered router rejects connections from mobile phone. Still looking into that. Restarting router helps.
- your router simply uses different protocol for authentication
Only use this application on routers you have permission to access."

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