Sunday, March 24, 2013

Android App - Recovery Manager (Phone Flasher) -


11/03/12 - I've added a load of more devices to the list! Please try it out. I'm working on a new update that I'm going to release soon! <3

PEOPLE, THIS ISN'T AN APP TO RECOVERY FILES(PICTURES, ETC)! So please, I'd appreciate it if you would stop commenting/sending me email on how to recovery files, because this is not for that purpose!
This app allows you to flash several recovery images. The main recovery image is ClockWorkMod, but there are also alternatives that can flashed such as TWRP, etc. Very easy to use.

Supports 200+ devices.

Have a recovery image for your device that's not listed in the app? Contact me, or comment." - If you have a recovery image, which I take it is a phone memory disk image  with the OS of the phone etc., than this is an app which will help you get that disk image in your phones meory (I think).

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