Thursday, March 21, 2013

More Links for Failure to Recognize External Thumb and Hard Drives

  • - "One of the more helpful articles that we’ve posted is How to fix USB device not recognized in Windows. That post revolves around a very simple yet unorthodox solution for nearly any USB device that is not detected by Windows. In today’s post, we will help troubleshoot, more specifically, external hard drives.

    If your Windows computer doesn’t recognize your external hard drive, it’s most of the time not that Windows doesn’t actually recognize the drive, but rather, that the drive is not setup properly or formatted correctly. Here are some simple troubleshooting steps that should help with the majority of external hard drives..."
  • - "Start by verifying the cables are securely connected to the drive. If the USB cable that came with a Y-Cable, connect both to USB ports found on the back of your computer. This will ensure your drive is getting the appropriate power.

    If the drive is still unrecognized, check to see if the drive appears in Disk Management. To open Disk Management, right click My Computer and choose Manage. Disk Management is found on the left under Storage..."
  • - "'I have a small MicroSD card (16 GB, high capacity), When I connected the memory card to my computer (runs with Windows 7), absolutely nothing happens on the computer. It doesn't "ding", I can't find the device anywhere. The card reader is nowhere in sight, so it doesn't need to be remapped. What should I do to make my card appear under my Windows?'

    The Problems

    Have you ever met the tricky situation: the memory card (SD, CF, xD etc) insides your digital camera or mobile phone is now unreadable and can’t be detected by PC when connected? But you have so many precious files (pictures, videos, music, documents etc) storing on the tiny piece of storage device. How to make the card be recognized again or at least recover the files out of the memory card? Keep reading for the solution..." - Interesting article suggesting doing a quick then trying to do data recovery rather than doing data recovery first.

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