Sunday, March 31, 2013

Tampa Bay Times Article: How to get rid of blank page with Web page -
"Most of the possible solutions for this problem involve registry fixes, but I didn't see anything that is sure to fix this exact problem, so we'll skip the registry edits. The best thing to do is to run the Internet Explorer reset. This will restore the Internet Explorer settings to their original state. You can do this by clicking "Tools," "Internet Options," the "Advanced" tab and then the "Reset" button. Close and reopen Internet Explorer. Go to "Tools" and "Manage Add-ons." You can re-enable any add-ons that were disabled in the reset. Do this only for the ones you need and do this one add-on at a time, testing your general browsing functionality before enabling any others."
The article also covers a recommendation to run Malwarebytes once a month and not being able to uninstall and reinstall Microsoft Security Essentials and the error message referring to this location: c:\8287e54ec2420eccec2fbb\x86. See the next post for the latter.

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