Saturday, April 06, 2013

DTI's FREEWARE Master File Table Save - Online Restore Point

DTI Data Hard Drive Recovery
" is pleased to announce its latest full version freeware - MFT Save which allows all our users to safely and securely backup the most critical file within Windows - the Master File Table Record.
MFT Save is full version Freeware!
Download the program MFT SAVE here.
MFT Save Fast Start Guide:
Click on the 'Mount Volumes' button to populate the 'NTFS Volumes' list.
Click on the 'Volume' you wish to save the MFT.
Click on the 'Save MFT' button.
a. If you have an account enter in your information and click 'Login Account'
b. If you do not have an account enter in you information an click 'Create Account'
The software will begin saving your MFT to our servers in Florida."

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