Saturday, April 06, 2013

DTI's File System Troubleshooter

"View It Now is a software tool that allows the technician to view a file system and its components.  Another way of looking at it is that we are creating a virtual drive that allows the technician to view folders, files, and their attributes in order to help them and their client evaluate a problem and choose the best path for recovery. 
Like all tools this one is not the answer to every situation, however, coupled with other tools will aid the technician in diagnosing a corrupt file system and ultimately recover a client's valuable files. 
This Quick-Start portion of the documentation is designed for a single drive, with no special offsets, no special file handlers, and no special tests.  The technician just wants to view the file system of a drive that will not mount.  The following are the steps to use to do that..."

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