Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Windows Defender Repair with Microsoft's Mr Fixit Mini-Application

With a good proportion of users relying on free antivirus these days such as from Microsoft Security Essentials, AVG, Avast, Avira and the new Bit Defender Free version, it is important to have a spyware program running like Windows Defender.

Today I tried to start mine, but I got an error code. I think it was the code mentioned in the article: "Error Code 0x800106ba". At any rate I found the Microsoft article on the subject and ran the Mr Fixit application install. It reported the fix was unsuccesful, but in fact it worked and it restored Windows Defender.

By the way, I found out today Bit Defender now has a free version. This is great news as the pay versions at least are now the highest rated among the critics.

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