Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Good Advice for Recovering from a Drive Making Clicking Noises

"...If the HDD still shows up in the Device manager You can use a program like File scavenger or Freeware like Recuva. If it doesn’t show up at all try connecting it when windows is loaded. If that doesn’t work you have a few options left.
  • You can take it to a recovery company which is very expensive (really really expensive)
  • Change the PCB board with another hard drive be sure it’s the exact same HDD, (firmware and if possible same batch). If you do this you can always put the PCB board back on the HDD where it came from it will work normally.
  • If that doesn’t work if have one option left for you. Put it in several Zip loc bags (anything that closes good water and air tight). Put it in the freezer (the metal shrinks a bit because of the cold, so if the problem is caused by scratches you have more chance of being able to use it).Leave it in there for at least 12 hours so its cold to the core. Get it out and be quick its going to get warmer quickly. Put cool pads (i hope you have them in your freezer otherwise you can probably get them in a supermarket for a few dollar) in towels to avoid the chance of moist ruin the PCB board and to keep it cool. If it works quickly copy your data cause it will fail again and the chance of doing it a second time is little.
Hope you get your data back!"
Good advice from Huub Willems. 

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