Saturday, July 27, 2013

Removing Opening and Write Protection from Word DOCX 2007 - 2013 Format Files
"Just follow these steps:
  1. Rename the extension name of the document to ZIP, like as a ZIP compressed file.
  2. Double click it and open it in Windows Explorer, navigate to Word folder.
  3. Delete the Settings.xml file from the folder. And then close the Window.
  4. Rename back to DOCX file.
  5. And done. Next time when you open the same document, you will not be prompted by the password window."
Apparently this works for both opening and write protection for Word 2007 and 2010 DOCX files. But it is only effective for write protection for DOCX Word 2013 files. Apparently for write protection for any DOC or DOCX format files you can just Select All, then copy and then paste into a new file, and there is no longer any copy protection.

Friday, July 26, 2013

Quickly Recover Text/Data and Formatting from Corrupt DOCX, XLSX and PPTX Files - ANother New Piece of Open Source Software from Me :-)

Savvy Repair for Microsoft Office, tries four methods for repair or recovery from corruption of Word DOCX, Excel XLSX and PowerPoint PPTX files. DOCX, XLSX and PPTX files are collections of mostly XML sub-files. All four methods first try to repair the zip structure. 
Additionally in the first method through validation, the location of the first XML error is sought where at that point the sub-files are truncated and repaired. The second method is like the first except its XML validation is more lax. With the third, the strict XML validation is returned to and corrupt XML sub-files are truncated and repaired as before however here, missing XML sub-files are brought in from blank full healthy docx, xlsx or pptx of the respective correct extension. The fourth method uses SilverCoder's DocToText to salvage text or data after which the file is opened as an old style MS Office 97 - 2003 format file including the naked recovered text or data.
I released this one about a month ago. It tries to repair all the XML sub-files in DOCX, XLSX and PPTX files. It is an improvement on DOCX repair from my Savvy DOCX Recovery application that I released last year in that it tries to repair all the xml subfiles, not just the document.xml and styles.xml sub-files. This program works very quickly.

S2 Recovery Tools for PowerPoint - New Freeware Released by Me :-)
Microsoft has some recommended methods for recovering from PowerPoint presentation corruption here, S2 Recovery Tools for Microsoft PowerPoint provides easy access to most of these, allowing them to be engaged with pushes of buttons.
The program also adds four of its own independent methods. These independent methods include two text, slide and format recovering methods for PPTX files which repair all the salvageable underlying XML subfiles as well as the higher level conventional zip structure of these presentations.
The program also has links to three major commercial solutions. One of these is a web service provided by Recoveronix', Online File Repair. With the provided coupon code, until Nov. 1, 2013, the service is free, a $39 value.
I released this yesterday. It's one in a series of now 3 that includes S2 Recovery Tools for Microsoft Word and S2 Recovery Tools for Microsoft Excel.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Sound Samples of Failing Drives!
"These are some typical sounds we hear in our data recovery lab. If your hard drive makes noises like these and you are still able to access your files - backup immediately. If your drive can no longer be seen in your system please fill out our simple evaluation form to get a fast quote on our data recovery services.
To listen to the sound simply click on the play button. Click on the drive manufacturer next to the sound button to learn more about common problems these drives experience. . . . "
A unique site. You can listen to some samples of sound of failing hard drives to get an idea of whether your drive is failing and how it might be failing. 

New MakeUseOf Article on Recovering from Hard Drive Failure
"Several years ago, I experienced a hard drive failure. I was at work when my laptop suddenly started to act particularly strange. First, I thought it was because I had too many windows open and the RAM was full, but when the problems persisted after a reboot, I knew it was more than that. I immediately started to back up recent files. About half an hour later, the hard drive failed audibly and the laptop wouldn’t boot anymore.
Thank God I had backups! Except that I didn’t have backups of everything. Just weeks earlier my backup drive had reached capacity. To back up important work files, I had decided to delete my personal photos. The irony was that I had already purchased a new external drive, but had not taken the time to back up my photos. Now they were lost and I was devastated.
Over the next couple of weeks I researched ways to recover the data and considered doing everything under the sun — and did most of it — to revive the old hard drive. I eventually did recover my data, but not in the way you would expect. If your hard drive has failed physically, maybe this little guide can help you or at least give you some hope. So roll up your sleeves and get to work. . . ."

Not a particularly unique article it does give some ideas about how to replace the motherboard or "PCB" of the drive, which you don't find in most articles of this sort.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Good Microsoft Article - How to Recover Earlier Version of Microsoft Office 2010 or 2013 FIles

"Recover an earlier version of an Office file
If the AutoRecover option is turned on, you can automatically save versions of your file while you’re working on it. How you recover something depends on when you saved it. . . ."
"If you haven’t saved the file
  1. Click File > Info > Manage Versions > Recover Unsaved Documents in Word, Recover Unsaved Workbooks in Excel, or Recover Unsaved Presentations in PowerPoint. . . ."
Good short article to get you out of a tough situation in Word, Excel or PowerPoint 2010 or 2013. 

Monday, July 22, 2013

Word Template Debugger
"Executable and Word VBA source - A tool for developers of Microsoft Word VBA macro templates and MSWord power users. Easily add or remove all the Word toolbars at once, retrieve lost Word toolbars, view and edit macro project items and properties that are otherwise laborious to access such as command bars, Character ID, keypress ID's, keybindings, control tips etc.
Requires MS-Word 97/2000/XP/2003."
Would not install on my Word 2013 so the programmer is serious about it being for Word 97 - 2003. It looks interesting. It may be a way to fix problems with your template corrupting your files. The old solution of just deleting the and having Word recreate it when you open a new blank document is of course maybe easier. I'm not sure if this relates to data recovery but it might.

Friday, July 19, 2013

New MakeUseOf Article About Recovering Your Windows Password
"You’ve lost control. All the accounts you can access on your Windows computer aren’t Administrator accounts, meaning you’re helpless to install software, update drivers or do any kind of administration whatsoever. You can’t even install games. The humanity!
Don’t panic. There are more than a few tools for recovering a lost Windows Administrator password, so we can get you back into power over your computer in no time. Some methods are legit, but required you to have thought ahead (unlikely). Others are legit but only work for Windows 8. Two more methods are sort of hacking, but perfectly legal to use on your own computer.
Do not, and I mean do not, use this to access computers that aren’t yours. Just don’t . . . . "

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Steps to Fixing Your Music Tags and Meta Data With Picard
"If your digital music library is full of embarrassing gaps when it comes to song titles, artist names, or more, MusicBrainz Picard can help you quickly clean it up. 
Once your music library expands beyond a few thousand tracks, you're likely to find that some of those tracks have incorrect or missing information, like artist, album, year, genre, and so on. Sometimes this doesn't matter much, but if you are having a hard time searching or your obsessive side is dominant, MusicBrainz Picard can help you get your music files back in shape. Here's how to use it:
  1. Download and install the application here for Linux, Mac, and Windows.
  2. Run Musicbrainz Picard.
  3. Add a folder containing music files. The application will also search subfolders, so if you'd like, you can add your whole library or large parts of it at once.
  4. After you add the folder, most of your files will be in the "Unmatched Files" folder on the left. Select it, then click the "Cluster" button at the top. Some or all of your files will now be shifted to the "Clusters" folder as separate subfolders with rough artist and album info, while the rest will remain in "Unmatched Files."
  5. Some unmatched files can be dragged and dropped into the newly created subfolders below; click on an individual track to see its location and folder info at the bottom of the screen. If an entire album is in the "Unmatched Files" folder, you'll need to look it up on the MusicBrainz database site and then skip to step No. 7 below.
  6. Select any of those subfolders and click "Lookup." This opens a Web page on the MusicBrainz site that should have the correct album info (if not, try searching for your album in the search bar on the top right).
  7. Click the "Tag" button near the album name and a new folder should pop up in the right side of the Picard window.
  8. Move the files from the folder on the left to the newly created folder on the right, then check to make sure that the files match up.
  9. If they do, right-click the new folder and select "Save."
  10. Every now and then, a new or obscure album doesn't show up in MusicBrainz. If you're ambitious and community-minded, the site offers the ability to enter the correct tag info yourself."

Microsoft's Tips for Solving Problems with USB Devices Including a Mr Fixit App to Download

"Applies to Windows Vista
Here are solutions to some common problems with universal serial bus (USB) devices, including installation problems.
You can also try running a troubleshooter to diagnose and fix common problems with hardware and devices.
To run a hardware and devices troubleshooter
Click this button:
Picture of a Fix it button
Fix this problem
In the File Download dialog box, click Run, and then follow the steps in the wizard.
For information about connecting a new USB device to your computer, see Install a USB device."
Might work with other versions of Windows. 

Interesting Site of Free Advice on Word Corruption

" . . . Identifying a Corrupted Document
Corrupted documents often exhibit behavior that is not part of the program's design (for example, infinite repagination, incorrect document layout and formatting, unreadable characters on the screen, error messages during processing, system hangs or crashes when you load or view the file, or any other unusual behavior that cannot be attributed to the normal operation of the program). These behaviors can be caused by factors other than document corruption.
To rule out other factors, use the following troubleshooting steps:
  • Check for similar behavior in other documents.
  • Check for similar behavior in other programs.
  • Take the file in question to another computer and attempt to duplicate the behavior.
  • Use a different printer driver and attempt to duplicate the behavior.
  • Rename any templates attached to the document and attempt to duplicate the behavior.
  • Change other system components (such as video drivers or fonts) and attempt to duplicate the behavior. For example, if you are using an OEM version of a video driver, switch to a Microsoft Windows video driver using the Windows Setup program.
  • Disable any third-party programs that are running (such as terminate- and-stay-resident programs [TSRs], font managers, screen savers, and system shells), then attempt to duplicate the behavior.
If the problem occurs only with a single document after performing the steps above, your document has probably been corrupted. . . . "

Free Only Today - Tenorshare Data Recovery Standard - From Giveaway of the Day

"Tenorshare Data Recovery Standard is the powerful data recovery software. It is simple and has flexible recovery options that can help you restore files that have been lost in a variety of ways. Such as accidental deletions, partition changes, viruses and formatted partitions.
It not only recover files from altered partitions and reformatted disks, but can also recover files from mobile phone memory card, camera cards, external hard drive, USB, pen drive, etc. It is compatible with all current Windows operating systems, including a few server versions.
  • Four useful data recovery modes provided: Deleted Recovery, Format Recovery, Partition Recovery and Raw Recovery.
  • Recover deleted files when you inadvertently deleted by commanding “Shift+Delete” or emptying the Recycle Bin.
  • Restore files from formatted or reformatted partition or disks.
  • Backup, restore or recover partition table.
  • Recover photos, music, video and audio files. Nearly 200 file types supported.
  • Data restore for hard disk, external hard drive, memory card, memory stick, USB drive, pen drive, zip drive and more.
  • Preview lost files before recovery.
  • Support FAT12/16/32 and NTFS file system."
Decent ratings at 50% thumbs up, so its probably pretty good. 

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Free Only Today - Ultima Recovery 1.0.3 from Giveaway of the Day
"Get your deleted files back with Ultima Recovery. User-friendly interface, comprehensive location of all recoverable files. Support for most storage devices: hard drives, flash drives, external USB drives, digital camera cards, removable multimedia cards (e.g. XD, TransFlash, MMC, SD, MicroSD), etc.
It can be used with any storage device or logical drive that displays a drive letter or is recognized in Windows Explorer."

Only 26% thumbs up. Oh well. Maybe not so good a program. Free as in free beer today only from Giveawayoftheday.

Saturday, July 06, 2013

File Types for CAD Files

CAD (Computer-Aided Design) files may contain 2D or 3D designs. They are generated by CAD software programs, which can be used to create models or architecture plans. 2D CAD files are often referred to as drawings, while 3D files are often called models, parts, or assemblies.

Common CAD file extensions include .DWG, .DXF, .DGN, and .STL.

.123 PCB123 Circuit Board Design
.2d VersaCAD 2D Drawing File
.adi AutoCAD Device-Independent Binary Plotter File
.adt AutoCAD Audit Log
.afd Alphacam Flame Drawing
.afs Project File
.ard ArtiosCAD Workspace File
.asm Solid Edge Assembly File
.att Alphacam Lathe Tool File
.bdl CoCreate Bundle File
.blk AutoCAD Block Template File
.bmf FloorPlan File
.cad BobCAD-CAM File
.cam Gerber CAM Job File
.catpart CATIA V5 Part File
.catproduct CATIA V5 Assembly File
.cdl CADKEY Wireframe Design File
.cel MicroStation Cell Library
.ckd Kubotek Design Container
.cmp Solid Edge Wire Harness File
.cmp Generic CADD Component File
.cnc CNC Machine Tool Path
.cpa CADSTAR PCB Archive File
.dc DesignCAD Design File
.dcd DesignCAD Drawing
.des Pro/DESKTOP CAD File
.dft Solid Edge Draft Document
.dfx Drafix CAD File
.dgb FlashCAD Drawing Database
.dgk Delcam 3D Model File
.dgn MicroStation Design File
.dlv CATIA 4 Export File
.drg AllyCAD Drawing File
.drwdot SolidWorks Drawing Template
.dsg Control Studio Document
.dst AutoCAD Sheet Set File
.dwfx Design Web Format XPS File
.dwg AutoCAD Drawing Database File
.dws AutoCAD Drawing Standards File
.dwt AutoCAD Drawing Template
.dxe AutoCAD Data Extraction Template
.dxf Drawing Exchange Format File
.dxx AutoCAD Drawing Interchange Attribute File
.edrw SolidWorks eDrawings File
.fcd FastCAD DOS Drawing
.fcw FastCAD Windows Drawing
.flx FelixCAD Drawing
.fnc QuickCAM 3D CNC File
.g BRL-CAD Geometry File
.gbx Gerber PCB File
.gcd Generic CADD Drawing File
.gds Graphic Data System File
.gsm Graphic Description Language File
.gxc General CADD Pro Component
.gxd General CADD Pro Drawing
.hcp HydroCAD Project File
.iam Inventor Assembly File
.ics IronCAD 3D Drawing File
.idw Inventor Drawing
.if Procedimientos-Uno IFWin Project File
.igs IGES Drawing File
.ipn Inventor Presentation File
.ipt Inventor Part File
.job MetaCAM Nest Job File
.jt JT Open CAD File
.jvsg Video Surveillance Project
.kit 20-20 Design File
.lcf ArchiCAD Library Container File
.ldr LDraw Model File
.lin AutoCAD Linetype File
.mc9 Mastercam 9 Geometry File
.mcd MiniCAD Design File
.mcx MICRO CADAM-X/6000 Model Data File
.model CATIA 3D Model FIle
.nc Mastercam Numerical Control File
.neu Pro/ENGINEER Neutral File
.pc6 PowerCADD 6 Drawing File
.pc7 PowerCADD 7 Drawing File
.pla ArchiCAD Project Archive
.pln ArchiCAD Project File
.prt Solid Edge Part File
.prt Unigraphics Part File
.prt Pro/ENGINEER Part File
.psf AutoCAD PostScript Patterns File
.psm Solid Edge Sheet Metal File
.pss AutoCAD Plot Stamp Settings File
.pwd Solid Edge Weldment Document
.pwt AutoCAD Publish To Web Template
.sab ACIS SAB Model File
.sat ACIS SAT Model File
.shx AutoCAD Compiled Shape File
.sldasm SolidWorks Assembly File
.slddrw SolidWorks Drawing File
.sldprt SolidWorks Part File
.spt SpeedTree Tree Data File
.stl Stereolithography File
.t3001 TARGET 3001! Circuit Design Project File
.tc2 TurboCAD 2D Mac Drawing
.tc3 TurboCAD 2D/3D Mac Drawing
.tcd Technobox CAD Drawing
.tcm TurboCAD Mac Drawing
.tct TurboCAD Drawing Template
.tcw TurboCAD Drawing File
.tcx TurboCAD 3D Model Text File
.unt AutoCAD Unit Definition File
.vnd Type3 Design File
.vtf 3DESIGN CAD File
.vwx VectorWorks 2008 Design File
.xv3 Lattice XVL Geometry File
.x_b Parasolid Model Part File
.x_t Parasolid Model Part File

Recovering a Lost or Forgotten Yahoo Password

"Trouble logging into your Yahoo! account? It happens! We can help you get back in.
The Yahoo! Password Helper is easy. . . . "

Friday, July 05, 2013

If You Are Still Using WIndows 98 (Ahem!) and You Need to Bypass the Login Password...
"Windows could never get this right. In Windows 95, you’re able to Ctrl+Alt+Del, click File, Run, key in “explorer.exe”, and you’re in. In Windows XP, you could weasel your way in through the handicap menu. In Windows 98, it’s just awesome.
The GIF shown above is legendary among geeks. As you can see, you’re able to freely access your Windows 98 desktop by manipulating a few print options during the login procedure.
I’ll break the steps down for you:
  1. Cancel on your initial login attempt
  2. Click the ? icon, hold down the left mouse, drag your cursor back to the Cancel button, and right-click and select Print Topic…
  3. Select Properties from the Print prompt
  4. Select Help
  5. Go into the Index
  6. Click the Find tab
  7. Select the “Custom paper dialogue box” topic (without ticking the box)
  8. Go to File then Open…
  9. Navigate to your Desktop
  10. Select My Computer
  11. Right-click and select Open
You’re in. It’s worth it to do this at least once in your life. Who needs password security?"

Hasleo Data Recovery FreeV3.2 - Free as in Freeware - Permanently from Hasleo Software "Hasleo Data Recovery FreeV3.2 100% Free Data Recovery Software...