Wednesday, August 28, 2013

kdbutl – Verify, Recover, and Optimize KitaroDB files
"KdbUtl is a command line utility for managing KitaroDB data files, and is now included as part of the installation for KitaroDB Win32 and .NET. Note that this utility works with databases created with the KitaroDB WinRT API as well."
If you didn't know what KitaroDB is as I didn't, "KitaroDB is a fast, efficient and scalable NoSQL database that operates natively in WinRT (Windows 8 UI), Windows Phone 8, Win32 (x86 and x64) and .NET environments." 

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Free Online PDF Repair Service
"Repair Pdf is our free pdf doctor. Do you have an important pdf but when you open it in adobe pdf reader it would say "the file is corrupted". There are a lot of reasons that a pdf file can get corrupted. Our pdf repair application looks for all possible reasons and fixes all of them. So a corrupt pdf file is fixed so that you can view it in any pdf reader. There are only very rare cases where the pdf file is corrupted beyond repair. If you have one of those files, please send them to us and we will fix it offline. Corrupt pdf files are of no use if they cannot be repaired. Our pdf fixer will repair the corrupt pdf documents and make them useful again. 
In order to use our application all you need a browser. No need to install any software. It will work on windows or mac. Be it windows or mac, we recommend using google chrome."
Worked immediately with the first document I tried. It looks good :-).

Free As In Freeware Only Today - Giveaway of the Day - Easy Drive Data Recovery 3.0

"Easy Drive Data Recovery is a supreme and mighty data recovery application that has a remarkable ability of restoring files in situations that may seem absolutely hopeless, like accidentally formatting a hard drive or having a drive corrupted because of a nasty virus or someone’s clumsy hands. While looking simple and undemanding, it’s powerful enough to restore files that aren’t even present in the file system.
The program uses Raw Search, a special algorithm that enables finding files of almost a 100 formats. Reinstalling an operating system is no longer an obstacle on the way to successful data recovery – the program can deal with files that have been erased and deleted. It also doesn’t matter how large the hard drive is, even if it’s enormous, the search won’t take long, thanks to the built-in optimized search engines.
To purchase a personal license with 70% discount please follow this direct link. If you’d like to purchase a business or a service license, please notify us via email:"
Free for personal noncommercial use only. As mentioned previously I'm impressed with Munsoft's ability to uncorrupt documents and I expect this program to be equally useful. It has a 38% thumbs up rating but as often discussed, data recovery is frequently not a successful enterprise and the fault may not fall on the software but on the particular circumstance the user finds himself/herself in. 

Note too, I purchased the commercial license to this product by accident when I meant to purchase the corrupt file recovery one and after explaining my situation Munsoft support kindly allowed me to switch licenses :-). 

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Fantastic Free for Now Online File Repair Service from MunSoft
"Why Do I Need This Online Service?
It is a web-service that you can use for free to recover damaged files. You only need to choose a file you want to recover in your browser and then press „Recover“. The file will be uploaded to our server and the data recovery process will start in just a few seconds. The recovery result will be available for download in a few moments (for almost all file types). It will contain the maximum data that can still be rescued using sophisticated professional data recovery algorithms.
 All You Need Is a Browser
The recovery result will be available for download in a few moments (for almost all file types). It will contain the maximum data that can still be rescued using sophisticated professional data recovery algorithms.
Professional Data Recovery Service
MunSoft has been solving data recovery problems for the last 7 years and has created many unique state-of-the-art technologies that are used in our software to recover the maximum possible information from damaged files. Up until this point, thousands of users all around the world have used our software and appreciated excellent data recovery quality. And now we have used all of our knowledge to create this online data recovery service that can be used by people to recover damaged information with extremely efficient data recovery algorithms.
Powered by Cloud Technologies
The service is based on Amazon cloud technologies that make the highest scalability possible depending on users' demands. The service monitors the number of files being recovered at the same time and automatically adds computational power to the cloud infrastructure or removes it. The goal is to maximize speed and to minimize the delay time of data recovery.
 Supports Different File Types
The service supports the data recovery of the most popular file formats. At the moment, the maximum data can be recovered from the following file types:
  • DOC, DOCX Microsoft® Word document
  • XLS, XLSX Microsoft Excel® document
  • PPT Microsoft PowerPoint® document
  • PST Microsoft Outlook® database
  • DBX Microsoft Outlook Express message base
  • MDB, ACCDB Microsoft Access database
  • RAR RAR archive
  • ZIP ZIP archive"
Worked really well with a problematic docx recovery I was having with a customer...

Correction, it looks like the first file is free and then you get 10 more if you share on Facebook, Twitter or your blog.

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Giveaway of the Day - Aidfile
"Aidfile recovery software is an easy-to-use and powerful hard disk data recovery tool specialized in recovering files from corrupted partition table in an easy manner. It can recover files and data from FAT32 partition as well as from NTFS and EXFAT. Aidfile data recovery can recover the data if there is an error to your software. For example, partition error writing, unintentional formatting, accidentally deletion, false backup, MBR losing, bad sector of BOOT, virus attack, hacker attack, conversion error, partition logic error, logical bad sectors of hard drive, partition table lost, etc.
Product Features:
  • Do Windows data recovery after accidental format, even if you have reinstalled Windows OS.
  • Get back files after a partitioning formatted, error or hard disk crash.
  • Recover files from lost, deleted or formatted partitions.
  • Recover deleted or lost files emptied from the recycle bin.
  • Recover lost MS Office Word and Excel documents, photos, images, videos, music, email, etc.
  • Recover lost files from hard drive, USB drive, memory card, memory stick, camera card, Zip, floppy disk or other storage media.
  • Preview lost pictures, office files, etc.
  • Recover lost files with the reason of partition software failure."
It has a 47% thumbs up rating so far, which is good for data recovery programs. 

Monday, August 19, 2013

MakeUseOf User Finds Lost Files in Temp Folders After a Windows 8 Update

"How do I recover my data after a Windows 8 update?
Terry B asks:
In the last week or so I have lost about 2 to 3 months of data mainly documents and photos. Windows 8 seems to have updated and my data has disappeared and it has reverted to a previous setting.
I usually backup to an external drive but had not backed this lot up. Is there a way of recovering this data?"
As the title says he found them in temp folders... 

Giveaway of the Day - iTunes Data Recovery
"Tenorshare iTunes Data Recovery is the top-tier data recovery software for you to recover iPhone, iPad and iPod data by extracting iTunes backup files on PC. It can help to restore deleted or lost contacts, text messages, photos, call history, notes, Safari bookmarks, etc. even when your devices got damaged, smashed, broken or stolen.


  • Recover up to 11 types of files, including contacts, SMS text messages, photos, call history , Safari bookmarks, etc.
  • Support all iOS devices, such as iPhone 5/4S/4/3GS, iPad 4/mini/3/2, iPod touch 5/4.
  • Is compatible with all iTunes versions like the newest iTunes 11.
  • Detect all iTunes backup files automatically on computer before recovery.
  • Backup all contents from iTunes backup to PC.
  • Preview and check lost data before recovery.
  • Transfer data into Excel, TXT, XML files to computer.
  • Recover lost data quickly and easily within 2 minutes."
Only got a 26% thumbs up rating however that's par for the course I think with data recovery programs. It's often not the fault of the program but due to the non-recoverability of the file or files.

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Giveaway of the Day - Ashampoo GetBack Photo 1.0.1

"Photos are full of memories and often have a priceless, sentimental value. Especially then it is painful, when one realizes that the digital photos of the own wedding, pictures of the children’s births or of the last holiday are gone and that there is no backup. With Ashampoo GetBack Photo the loss of digital photos doesn’t have to be permanent. The program enables the quick recovery of photos from different storage devices in just a few steps.
In contrast to many conventional undeleter programs, Ashampoo GetBack Photo recovers not only photos that were deleted “normally”, but also images from storage devices that have already been formatted.
Key features:
Recovery of deleted or damaged image files.
Scan of all storage devices in the system.
Photos might even be found, after the storage device was formatted.
Metadata is also recovered, e.g. EXIF and IPTC.
Support of all common file formats, e.g. JPG, PNG, BMP, GIF, RAW.
Photos are also found in file formats such as PDF and Word documents.
Display of recoverable photos as thumbnails."
Not particularly high rated at 35% but that might reflect the low rate of possible recoveries not the effectiveness of the software. Free as in freeware only today from

Thursday, August 01, 2013

Cool - A Website Devoted to Cell Phone and Tablet Recovery
This website mostly shows how to do a hard reset for phones and tablets that aren't responding. Here is how Wikipedia describes hard resets: "A hardware reset or hard reset of a computer system is a hardware operation that re-initializes the core hardware components of the system, thus ending all current software operations in the system." -

A Positive Review of the Free Pandora Recovery - Recover Deleted and Partitioned Over Files
"Last night I inadvertently deleted 17GB of data with a mis-press of Shift+Del, causing a classic “oh sh*t!!” moment. I’d chosen to “permanently delete” the folder, skipping the Recycle Bin and instantly freeing up some space on my drive.
This is great when you’re playing file janitor for a day, cutting, copying and inevitably deleting files and folders you no longer need. Unfortunately getting the data back isn’t quite as easy as a trip to the Recycle Bin. You’ll need some recovery software, something like Pandora Recovery. Breathe. Relax. Let’s recover some data..."
This program is apparently like the beloved Recuva although I';m not sure Recuva recovers partitioned over files. 

Eassos Recovery 4.2.1 - Free as in Freeware - Only Today from Giveaway of the Day Eassos Recovery is professional data recovery software which provides complete soluti...