Saturday, September 21, 2013

Helping Someone Today With A Word DOCX Document with a Lot of Math Formulas - This Article Describes a Fix for a Common Problem
"I like Word 2007 but like all Microsoft products, it comes with the affliction of complication. Word (and the Office Open XML format) is so complicated that there are a zillion possible things that could go wrong. Chances are one of them is going to happen at some point. The moral of the story is, observe the motto of “Save Early. Save Often.” and you might avoid such a catastrophe. But if you’re lazy like me and forget to back up, this might happen.
Word is being funny, you are messing around with equations that aren’t behaving right. You try to save and it won’t let you save for some reason. You think “Oh I’ll just restart to make Word all better again.” You restart and your effing document won’t open with an error something like:
The Office Open XML file FileName.docx cannot be opened because there are problems with the contents.
WTF!? This was your only copy of the document! OMG! After you have taken a vallium, do the following:
Click Details on the error dialog and note down the location of the error (e.g. /word/document.xml, Line: 2, Column: 65946)..."
So we got an error which was very nonspecific and just said the XML problem was somewhere in line 2 of document.xml, which you might know represents 99.99% of the content any of that file. We removed the last pair of <m:ctrlPr></m:ctrlPr> and no other tags and the file opened right up with no errors. There are 902 other pairs of those tags in our file. I'm not sure why the last one is offensive.

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