Thursday, September 12, 2013

How to Restore SMS Text Messages Only to iPhone (iTunes Without Jailbreak)

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"Over time, iPhone may have accumulated many junks, useless apps, messy settings or configurations, and may have slow down significantly or slower compared to brand new phone. Most Apple fans will probably upgrade to new generation of iPhone when new model is available, or getting a new replacement or refurbished iPhone, or has decided to restore iPhone back to original factory default condition.
In any case, when iPhone user tries to restore from backup using iTunes, all contents and settings from the previous phone, or from the state of last backup created in the sync with iTunes prior to restore will be restored. The items that are restored include contacts, calenders, notes, SMS text messages, camera rolls (photos) and settings.
SMS history or text messages history is important for some people who may want to refer to it in future, especially when iTunes and iPhone sync allows virtually years of SMS text messages to be backed up and restored, effectively retained all messages even if you upgrade (or change) to new iPhone.
If you have decided that you want to start from fresh and clean state on the iPhone, and only want text messages (SMSes) to be restored to the phone, here’s the hack to restore only SMS (text messages) onto the iPhone which is new or freshly restored to original factory settings iPhone, with just iTunes, without the need to jailbreak the phone. Many jailbreakers have manually SSH into jailbroken iPhone to copy sms.db located in /private/var/mobile/Library/SMS folder to backup the complete SMS database. However, if you don’t manage to backup to iTunes or backup the sms.db before changing or wiping out iPhone, or you can’t or don’t jailbreak, try the following trick instead..."
Hovsep seem to explain here a method for recovering iPhone SMS messages when you delete them accidentally. I don't think this article provides it. I think it just helps you transfer the SMS text messages between phones.

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