Thursday, September 26, 2013

Nice Article Via MakeUseOf Regarding Restoring Deleted Files

"One of Windows’ biggest flaws could be your rescue, should you ever accidentally delete an important file: The Windows file system does not actually delete files. Until they are overwritten, deleted files can be restored.
So you just completed that thesis paper and accidentally sent it to the land of erased files and destroyed dreams? Maybe you lost all of the photos from your three-month summer vacation – not quite as devastating as a deleted thesis paper, but painful nonetheless. Or perhaps the file you deleted wasn’t so important but you want it back anyway. The files may not be in your Recycle Bin but there’s still hope for you yet.
For those of you on Windows, there are some tools out there that can restore deleted files and do so with a pretty good success rate, so take a deep breath and relax. Give these tools a go and see if you can’t bring your lost data back from the grave. Not on Windows? There are platform-specific tools for you, too, but Pandora Recovery will be the only option on this list that pertains to you..."
Of course backups are most important. Also for restoring Previous version of files look at my Previous Version Recoverer and the freeware Shadow Explorer. They both work not only with Windows 7 but with all versions of Vista and Windows 8.

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