Sunday, October 20, 2013

Appnimi PDF Password Kit – Free
"Appnimi PDF Password Kit is an easy to use PDF locking cum unlocking suite. With its easy to use interface you can lock or unlock any PDF file with one click. With the shortcuts added by the installer it is easily accessible.

  • Lock any PDF files with a password
  • Unlock a password protected PDF file
  • Full Install and Uninstall using the setup exe
  • Easy to use user interface
  • Window shortcuts for easy access"
The free version only works to files 100K in size. Note the installer tries to slam install a junk search provider and additionally might go through declinable adware offers.

Saturday, October 19, 2013

M3 FileRescuer Free
"Deleted, Formatted, or Inaccessible? Get it all back now.
M3 FileRescuer Free provides safe, fast and total recovery.
M3 FileRescuer Free, safe and effective Windows data recovery software, retrieves your deleted videos, photos, music, documents, emails, etc. from your PC's hard drive as well as from USB drives, external hard drives, SD card, CF card, memory card and other storage media.
Recover 1GB files for free.
600+ File Formats Supported: Photos, videos, music, docs, emails, .zip, etc.
Any Data Loss Situation: Recover deleted, formatted, or otherwise inaccessible files.
Support 2TB+ hard drive
Not Just for Hard Drives: Recover from USB drives, external hard drives, SD card, CF card, memory card and more.
100% safe. This Windows data recovery program works without any damage to your data.
Preview before Recovery: Preview Common file formats, including BMP, GIF, PNG, JPEG, JPG, TXT, etc.
Easy to Use: Retrieve data within only 3 simple steps and no prior recovery experience required. The friendly Wizard Mode recovery enables beginners to recover lost files by answering only two questions."
Yet another unknown to me company. I'm finding these by going through Avangate's affiliate offerings for the word "recover". 

Repair Crw Photos - Crw Photo Fixer - by Meetsoft
"According to the file format specification, Canon Crw Raw image files are parsed from their file ending. Because of the file size of Crw files cannot be taken by parsing data structure, it is very likely the file size is incorrect if a Crw file is recovered by file recovery softwares. Photo viewers cannot open Crw files with incorrect file size.
Crw Photo Fixer is a freeware. It was developed to calculate the file size of canon Crw photo files, and it will correct the file size if the data of Crw files are intact."
Another new to me data recovery company.

BYclouder Data Recovery Free
"Recover lost data and files,it is free edition.
This is a free data recovery tool and can restore lost/deleted files from storage device, including audio/video files, Adobe files,office documents,archives,etc.
Note: It is free,but you only recover 2GB file size,just enjoy it.
File system:
FAT, NTFS, exFAT, ext2/ext3/ext4 file system, HFS +.
Device Support :
  • Hard Disk 
  • Pen Drive 
  • Digital Camera 
  • CF card 
  • Memory Stick 
  • Secure Digital 
  • Smart Media Card 
  • Micro drive 
  • MMC 
  • USB memory drive 
 System Requirements:
  •   Windows 8/7/XP/Vista 32/64 bit.
  •   Mac OS X 10.6, 10.7 or 10.8 Mountain Lion.
  •   Linux Mint,Red Hat,Ubuntu,Fedora,openSUSE,Debian,etc,32/64 bit."
A new to me company. 

Friday, October 18, 2013

Diagnosing and Fixing Dead USB Ports - A MakeUseOf Article
"Did you plug a USB drive into your computer yesterday, but today it doesn’t show up? Yet that drive works in the other USB ports on your computer. The problem may be the port! This is one of those computer issues that happens so rarely, we tend to blame the USB drive itself; just plug it in somewhere else and carry on. However, USB devices are still on the rise in popularity and show no signs of slowing down. USB flash drives, USB chargers for your phone, USB to connect your iPod, USB coffee warmers, USB is everywhere! So you NEED all your ports working. Here’s what you can do to check out your USB port and some tips on fixing it..."

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Giveaway of the Day - Easy Archive Recovery 2.0 - Freeware Only Available Today
"Easy Archive Recovery is a marvelous tool for recovering both ZIP and RAR archive types. It supports files, created in RAR, WinRar, WinZip, PKZIP, InfoZip, 7-Zip and other popular utilities. The files can be deleted or damaged, the storage device can be formatted but your files can still be recovered.
With Raw Search technology, the program finds and restores broken archives even on severely corrupted hard drives, memory cards or flash disks and recovers maximum possible data. It has a Recovery Wizard built in as well as a preview tool that shows files before the recovery and tells a user if they can be restored. No knowledge is needed for archive repair, just following the instructions on the screen is enough. Both professional and amateur users will be amazed at how much data the program can bring back in just a little time."
Has the normal low 38% thumbs up rating for a data recovery program.Note if you intend to use this in a business or as a technician you should buy those licenses which are available at a discount today only too. 

Thursday, October 10, 2013

iPhone, iPad and iPod Recovery Program from Easus Fee as in Freeware Only Today from Giveaway of the Day
"EaseUS MobiSaver is an easy, fast and one click iPhone data recovery solution. With it, you can retrieve lost or deleted data like contacts, sms from iPhone, iPad, iPod ect iOS device. EaseUS MobiSaver supports two recovery models: directly recover data from iOS device, or extract backup data from iTunes.
  • Supporst most ios devices: iPhone 5s/5c/4S/4/3GS, iPad3/1, iPad mini, iPod touch.;
  • Supports data recovery after jailbreak, iOS upgrade, device lost or broken, formated, crashed;
  • Can recover lost contacts, SMS, call history, notes, photos, videos, MMS,etc."
38% thumbs up rating which is not too bad for data recovery programs :-). Free as in freeware only today so download and install before midnight.

Thursday, October 03, 2013

Final Cut Remover - Mac Uninstall Freeware

"FCS Remover allows you to uninstall all Final Cut Studio, Final Cut Express, Final Cut Server or Final Cut Pro X components with the press of a button.
Apple does not offer an official uninstaller, making removing or downgrading to an earlier version very difficult. Simply deleting the Final Cut Studio application icons does not remove the suite, nor does it make it possible to reinstall it again. FCS Remover allows you to quickly and easily uninstall Final Cut Studio either permanently or in order to reinstall an earlier version over the top.
For comprehensive maintenance and troubleshooting of your editing system, download Pro Maintenance Tools.
  • Final Cut Pro
  • Final Cut Pro X
  • Final Cut Express
  • Final Cut Server
  • Motion
  • Motion 5
  • Soundtrack Pro
  • Compressor
  • Compressor 4
  • Color
  • DVD Studio Pro
  • LiveType
  • Cinema Tools
  • Batch Monitor
  • Qmaster
Please note that the software allows you to specifically select which components you wish to remove.
It also removes preference files, installer receipts, documentation, codecs, frameworks and content folders (LiveFonts, sound effects, templates, etc).
Your projects, render files, captured footage
Please note that some files may not be removable from your system.
Digital Rebellion LLC is not affiliated with Apple Inc. and this software is neither supported nor endorsed by Apple."

Mac Video Editing Software Repair Freeware - Compressor Repair
"Compressor Repair checks for problems that could be preventing Compressor from operating correctly. It checks for missing files, incorrect permissions, an invalid hostname, and attempts to manually start the qmasterd process.
Apple's Compressor relies heavily on the Qmaster service in order to work. Qmaster allows you to split rendering tasks across multiple machines in a render farm but it is still required even if you are only rendering on a single computer.
The link between the two is so important that if the Qmaster service fails to launch, Compressor will be unable to submit batches.
For comprehensive maintenance and troubleshooting of your editing system, download Pro Maintenance Tools.
  • Checks for missing Qmaster files.
  • Checks for incorrect permissions and fixes them.
  • Resets Qmaster.
  • Clears caches.
  • Clears the queue and history.
  • Manually launches qmasterd.
  • Checks for invalid hostnames.
  • Relaunches Qmaster menu bar icon.
  • Re-enables Qmaster startup item if previously disabled by user.
  • Checks for missing local hostname and computer name.
  • Trashes Compressor preferences (optional)."

How to Make a Batch File With TRID to Check if a Bunch of DOCX Files Are Worth Trying to Recover

Here are details of how to make a batch file for Marco Pontello's TRID utility to check your corrupt DOCXs files to see if they are worth trying to recover. The method of analysis is useful for corrupt DOC, XLS, XLSX, PPT and PPTX files too.
    1. Move all your corrupt files into one folder. 

    2. At the end of the this main page on Marco Pontello's site,, download "Win32 TrID v2.10, 29KB ZIP" and the "TrIDDefs.TRD package, 665KB ZIP". Unzip the two zip files and copy the two main files, the exe and the triddefs.trd files, into your corrupt file folder.
      3. Hold down the Shift key and right-click in Windows Explorer, in the folder in white space, when no files are selected to get a choice on the right click menu "Open command window here" and select the choice:
      Inline image 3

      4. In the command window type this command "dir > corrupt-list.txt" and hit return to create a list of your corrupt files in a text file called corrupt-list.tx.

      Inline image 6

      5. In your folder open corrupt-list.txt. Hit Ctl-A and then Ctl-C to copy the file contents to your clipboard.

      Inline image 1

      6. Open and new Excel file and paste the clipboard contents in cell A1.

      Inline image 2

      7. Select the Data menu and make the choice in the middle of the toolbar or old menu to make your data formatted from "Text to Columns".

      Inline image 3

      8. Accept the default radio button position of fixed width or select it if it has not been selected and click next.

      Inline image 4

      9. For all the thin black vertical printing arrow except the one furthest to the right, click on them with your left mouse button, hold down the button and then make a movement up and to the right right and then release the mouse button, this should make them disappear so you are left with only one thin upward black arrow.

      Inline image 5

      10. Scroll on the right until you start seeing data. Click on your left mouse button and hold it down again and gingerly move the last arrow so it is just before the names of the files in your corrupt file folder and let go of your mouse button. Also then click the Next button on the lower right.

      Inline image 6

      11. On the next window that appears, in the upper right click move the radio button to "Do not import." This will have the effect of eliminating all the data from your worksheet that appears to the left of the thin vertical black arrow. You don't have to do anything more, just click the finish button.

      Inline image 7

      12. Remove the first few row of resulting data that don't have names of files in them by highlighting then right clicking on the row labels of your worksheet and choosing delete.

      Inline image 8

      13. There are some extra couple of rows at the end which don't contain data and your text file row which is not a name of an actual corrupt file which you should delete too. 

      Inline image 9

      14. Double click on the line between column A and B so the column size increases to fit the names of the files. Now you are going to make a batch file. In cell B1 put this formula including the equal sign and copy it to the bottom of the column until the last row where there is a corrupt file name:

      ="trid.exe """ & A1 & """"

      15. Open up a blank notepad text file and copy and paste the resulting column B of cells from Excel to your text file. 

      Inline image 2

      16. Change the Save as Type drop-down box from Text Documents (*.txt), to All files (*.*) and then save the file in your corrupt file folder with the name something like: trid.bat. Make sure the file ends in the ".bat" extension.

      Inline image 3

      17. Run you batch file and send the results into a new text file: say by putting this in at the hopefully still open command line: "trid.bat > corruptFileIDs.txt", without the quotes of course.

      Inline image 4

      18. Open your newly created report text file, I called mine corruptFileIDs.txt. Any file that has any part docx, doc, ole or zip format is worth working on with software or services mentioned in this blog.

      Inline image 5

      19. If you run the batch file and you get a response of anything like this:  "80.0% (.DOC) Microsoft Word document (32000/1/3) 20.0% (.) Generic OLE2 / Multistream Compound File (8000/1)", the file might just be a DOC one instead of a DOCX. Try changing the extension to .doc. 

      If that doesn't work, keeping in mind that doc files store text in an uncoded format open the files up in NotePad and look for plain text. The text is stored toward the end in a healthy doc one.

      You can also change the extension to doc and use the free text extractor RepairMyWord: If the file is a docx one and has a partial or full zip structure you won't see much with RepairMyWord.

      Eassos Recovery 4.2.1 - Free as in Freeware - Only Today from Giveaway of the Day Eassos Recovery is professional data recovery software which provides complete soluti...