Monday, March 31, 2014

Free as in Freeware only Today - Giveaway of the Day - UnHackMe - Rootkit and Malware Destroyer

"The main difference between UnHackMe and other antirootkit software is its detection method. Precise double-checking for a Windows-based PC, which allows identifying and eliminating any types of malicious software. Instant tracking of malicious code in the system.
UnHackMe was initially created as anti-rootkit software, but currently it eliminates all types of malicious software: rootkits, Trojans, worms, viruses and so on. UnHackMe does not slow up your PC and it is compatible with any anti-virus programs.
UnHackMe includes:
Anti-Rootkit (Google Redirecting Fixer).
Anti-Malware, Anti-Trojan, Anti-Bot.
Anti-Adware, Anti-Spyware.
Note: The UnHackMe GiveAway version includes antivirus database updater. It automatically updates signatures before executing the malware scanning."
This program has a 63% thumbs up on the site which is great for Giveaway of the Day programs. 

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Monitor the Health of Your Hard Drive With Freeware Only Today and Maybe Tomorrow from Bits du Jour
"Have you ever suffered through the pain and agony of a hard drive failure? To you, it's pretty straightforward -- one day your computer is humming along smoothly, and the next day it won't boot at all. But what you may not know is that, beyond the capabilities of your human senses, a whole host of little warning signs and other signals can actually tell you when hard drive failure is imminent! That's why Hard Disk Sentinel is so important.

Hard Disk Sentinel monitors and analyzes your hard disk and solid state drives, giving you valuable feedback on the health of the drive, any performance degradations, and warning of impending failure. With Hard Disk Sentinel, you'll be able to find, test, diagnose, and even repair disk drive issues before they escalate to catastrophic status..."

More of preventative medicine I suppose than data recovery but we should probably include more of that kind.

The deal, as is usual for Bits du Jour, is extended another day, today 03/26/2014...

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Giveaway of the Day - Free as in Freeware Only Today - EaseUS MobiSaver for Android - Find and Retrieve Your Deleted or Lost Data Easily

"EaseUS MobiSaver for Android provides all-around solution to recover lost data from Android smartphone, tablet or SD cards inside Android device. Whether you accidentally deleted files or smashed your device, MobiSaver for Android can restore contacts, messages, videos, audio, pictures and documents.
It supports almost all popular Android devices, such as Samsung, HTC, Sony, LG, Motorola, ZET, Huawei etc."
It has the usual low 29% or so approval rating of a data recovery utility, reflecting the often futility of recovering data. It's often not the software's fault. 

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Interesting Article About Freeware for Fixing the Frequency Response of Your Cheap Computer Speakers

"Volume Boosters are out there, and this article will help you if you're frustrated with the poor audio from your old PC speakers. Don't hurry to buy new ones! A free software program can substantially improve the sound quality.
It is known that the frequency response of ideal speakers must be flat or almost flat. However, the frequency response of relatively cheap PC speakers is not flat at all. If you would measure the frequency response of your PC speakers, you could see a lot of resonance peaks instead of the flat response as it is shown by the gray line in the figure below. All that resonances are created by the mechanical parts of the speakers and, at some extent, by acoustic reflections in the room..."
Wow, I never knew this problem existed, but it makes sense. 

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Leawo iPhone Data Recovery - Free as in Freeware Only Today and Maybe Tomorrow

"Ever accidentally lose data from your Apple gadget? Or maybe you didn’t exactly “lose” it, maybe you managed to corrupt your files with a jailbreak gone wrong. No matter how you ended up in this pickle, you needn’t start lamenting the permanent loss of your files, not if you have a copy of today’s discount software promotion, Leawo iPhone Data Recovery!
Leawo iPhone Data Recovery lets you recover deleted files right from your iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad, plus extract and export 12 types of files from iTunes backups. It doesn’t matter what vaporized your files – jailbreak, bad iOS upgrade, accidental deletion, whatever - Leawo iPhone Data Recovery will dig deep, go to bat for you, and get your stuff back!
The magic of Leawo iPhone Data Recovery is that it works both ways, in all types of foreseeable situations. Is your device unavailable, lost, or destroyed? Leawo iPhone Data Recovery can recover your data from an iTunes backup. End up with a corrupted iTunes backup? Grab the data right off of your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch with Leawo iPhone Data Recovery. All of the most important data can be recovered by Leawo iPhone Data Recovery – Contacts, Messages, Call History, Calendars, Reminders, Notes, and more!
Don't have Facebook? That's ok, we haven't forgotten about you. When the promotion is live, just click the 'Get it for Free' button and fill out a quick survey to claim your 100% discount!"
Wow, this is a nice offer... 

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Get Glary Utilities Pro Free as in Freeware Only Today from Bits du Jour
"Face it, your computer is not the new hotness that it was when you first pulled the squeaky styrofoam blocks off of its shiny corners. Since that day, regular operation of your machine has gummed up the works, making common tasks like booting up, shutting down, browsing the web, and running applications slow and unstable. But what would you say if I told you that just one single application could restore your sluggish machine to a like-new state of performance?
Glary Utilities PRO is a Swiss Army knife of system optimization suitable for use by novice and professional alike. With Glary Utilities PRO, you'll have access to registry and disk cleaning, privacy protection, performance acceleration, and amazing multifunctional tools. With just a few clicks, Glary Utilities PRO can repair registry errors, optimize internet speed, recover wasted disk space, safeguard confidential files, and maintain maximum performance.
It's impossible to overstate the benefits of Glary Utilities PRO. The app fixes what's wrong with your computer, and whatever isn't wrong, it just makes better and faster.
Glary Utilities PRO is a cleaner, freeing up disk space and restoring the integrity of the Windows registry. It's a repairman, correcting shortcut errors and ensuring complete removal of uninstalled programs. It's an optimizer, making the most out of every byte of memory in your computer. All that, plus Glary Utilities PRO is a protector, blocking spyware, trojans, adware, and all of those other bad things that go bump in the night!"
Bits du Jour is another place that has a daily piece of commercial software you would normally pay for, that is being given away for free for one day (or often two days in a row).  Glary utilities is a powerhouse app that I think is well respected among IT support techs.

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Interesting Practical Article on How to Prevent Data Loss - Who's to Blame for Your Hard Drive Crash?

"How many times have you been burned because of data loss?
If my data loss was on my own computer, I have nobody to blame except myself. I screwed up. I dropped the ball. I look in the mirror. There's my culprit.
There is encryption and firewall and antivirus software and RAIDed drives and NAS and backup software and backing up to CD or DVD or USB or external drives... Phew~~~
There are many ways to protect our own data on our computers. And we have full control of that. We could even store our most important data with multiple copies in a bank vault or other secure physical storage facility.
There is really no excuse for losing data on our computers in our own homes. It's the safest place.
At this point I'm sure someone is screaming out at me, "You fool! There's the cloud! Store your data in the cloud, and then it's safe!"
And that is probably the least safe place for your data as you have no real control over it...."

Thursday, March 06, 2014

Easy File Undelete - Free As In Freeware Only Today from Giveaway of the Day
"Easy File Undelete is a program for undeleting files on any type of storage. The program supports recovering Recycle Bin deleted files, Shift-Deleted files and formatted data. It’s a Windows application, suitable for NTFS, FAT32 and FAT16 file systems.

Over a 100 types of files is supported by Raw Search and the program restores as much data as possible."

I believe this has been given away before. I believe this is from the Russian company called Munsoft. Their corrupt file recovery software is excellent so we might expect this to be too, however it only has a 27% thumbs up rating on giveaway of the day today which is kind of par for the course for data recovery software on that site. One thing I noticed about Munsoft's software is it does not have visually appealing interfaces, however the software works super quick and super-well...

Eassos Recovery 4.2.1 - Free as in Freeware - Only Today from Giveaway of the Day Eassos Recovery is professional data recovery software which provides complete soluti...