Saturday, March 15, 2014

Interesting Practical Article on How to Prevent Data Loss - Who's to Blame for Your Hard Drive Crash?

"How many times have you been burned because of data loss?
If my data loss was on my own computer, I have nobody to blame except myself. I screwed up. I dropped the ball. I look in the mirror. There's my culprit.
There is encryption and firewall and antivirus software and RAIDed drives and NAS and backup software and backing up to CD or DVD or USB or external drives... Phew~~~
There are many ways to protect our own data on our computers. And we have full control of that. We could even store our most important data with multiple copies in a bank vault or other secure physical storage facility.
There is really no excuse for losing data on our computers in our own homes. It's the safest place.
At this point I'm sure someone is screaming out at me, "You fool! There's the cloud! Store your data in the cloud, and then it's safe!"
And that is probably the least safe place for your data as you have no real control over it...."

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