Friday, April 18, 2014

Heartbleed Chrome Extension - Free - May not Work That Well, but Maybe Worth Trying

"Displays a warning if the site you are browsing is affected by the Heartbleed bug. Also displays warnings on Google search results
NEW in version 2: the Heartbleed icon is added to Google search results where the site is still affected by the Heartbleed bug.
Many HTTPS-secured sites on the internet use OpenSSL. Unfortunately, a major vulnerability in OpenSSL was disclosed - known as the Heartbleed bug - yesterday that put hundreds of thousands of servers at risk of compromise.
Whilst some servers have been patched already, many remain that have not been patched. Chromebleed uses a web service developed by Filippo Valsorda and checks the URL of the page you have just loaded. If it is affected by Heartbleed, then a Chrome notification will be displayed. It's as simple as that!
Please note that, in some jurisdictions, site testing can only be carried out with the express permission of the site owner. Please check what the law says in your local area before proceeding to download this extension."
It has 4.0 stars and reading the review it may be OK but annoyingly pops up too many with warnings. There is a Firefox one too and another unrated Chrome extension. 

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