Monday, April 21, 2014

3 Ways to Recover Data From an iPhone - 2 Free

Two free methods sandwich the company shilling for their software...Not bad.
"You may have read reports claiming that Samsung is taking over in the smart phone wars, but according to a new report, the iPhone 5 is still the most popular smart phone. Based on vast amount of iPhone 5 users, no wonder that online community is flooded with the questions like "how to recover lost iPhone 5 files". Losing data from your iPhone 5 can happen for lots of reasons, including inadvertently delete, reset to factory settings, or failure to upgrade or jailbreak.
Here we list several methods on how to recover data from iPhone 5 on Mac. So, no matter for what reason you lost your data, you can find the corresponding solution here..."

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maccolar2013 said...

If you just don’t have any backup to restore, you may need to use a piece of paid software to Recover data from iPhone such as notes, text message,contacts,photos,music,call
logs.etc,Below I will tell you how to use iPhone Data Recovery ( ) to Recover data from iPhone without iCloud or iTunes backup
Step 1: Conncet your iPhone with Computer
Step 2: Scan your iPhone recoverable files: contacts, photos, music, text messages, call history, notes and so on.
Step 3: Preview and Recover data from iPhone by clicking the “data” folder in the left side.
Step 4: Specify a location for your Recover data from iPhone.

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