Sunday, May 11, 2014

recoverjpeg - "A Tool to Recover Lost Files on Damaged Memory Cards or USB Drives"

"recoverjpeg tries to recover JFIF (JPEG) pictures and MOV movies (using recovermov) from a peripheral. This may be useful if you mistakenly overwrite a partition or if a device such as a digital camera memory card is bogus. You can also read the recoverjpeg story.
For more information, please read the manual page for recoverjpeg. If this program saved your day, you may send a few restored pictures (in 800x600 format) with an authorization to publish, information you want added (photographers name, picture subject, electronic coordinates about the photographer) as well as a few sentences describing in which context your pictures have been lost and restored by this program. You can look at some pictures salvaged by this software.
recoverjpeg has been written by Jan Funke and Samuel Tardieu."
Weirdly enough this may only be fore UNIX and maybe not even Linux...I don't know. 

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