Saturday, February 28, 2015

Disk Recovery Wizard - Free as in Freeware from Giveaway of the Day - Today Only
"Disk Recovery Wizard is an effective application that can be used to recover deleted data from a healthy hard drive. In addition, it can be used to recover information from damaged, repartitioned and unreadable volumes. It is an easy to use software and any person can simply run and recover deleted data within a short time period.
Supporting FAT, NTFS, ext2 and ext3 recovery, Disk Recovery Wizard can quickly extract information from existing volumes or thoroughly scan the entire hard drive in order to locate recoverable files by analyzing data blocks in raw mode. Live Preview supports 320+ formats and works in full and free versions. RAID arrays and Dynamic Disks are supported along with exotic USB dongles and solid-state devices."

This program has a pretty healthy 39% thumbs up at the moment and not to mention it's supposed $139.95 normal price tag, seems like a pretty it might be worth installing. I think it is similar to GetData's RecoverMyFiles.

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