Thursday, May 14, 2015

12 Free and Useful Data Recovery Utilities - Repost
"As the need for computers at work, home, and school has grown, so too has the amount of data we produce. Many times we consider the information we store on our PCs more important than actual physical objects. And why not, when the files we work with on the computer represent many long hours of hard work?
Still, it's amazing how many users take a flippant approach towards backing up important data—if ..."
Included are the following:
  • TestDisk - find lost partitions, fix booting and file system issues.
  • PhotoRec - looks at raw data from disks looking for file header types and recovers the files without their file names and directory paths. Maybe particularly good with images, hence the name.
  • CD Recovery Toolbox - data recovery from scratched or damaged optical disks.
  • PC CMOS Cleaner - reset CMOS password.
  • Recovery is Possible (RIP) - boot CD that includes PhotoRec and other tools that can recover partitions, fix file systems and recover deleted files.
  • Avira Antivir Rescue System  - Linux booting image which can clean badly virus infected machines.
  • PING (PartImage is Not Ghost) - backup partitions and delete the CMOS password.
  • Recuva - looks at empty space on your drive and allows recovery of files found there.
  • Pandora Recovery - like Recuva but without installing so can be run from a USB Memory stick.
  • AVG Rescue CD - boot CD which cleans your disk(s) without starting the normal operating system.
  • MiniTool Partition Wizard Bootable CD - an easy to sue partitioning tool.
  • Hiren's Boot CD - a boot CD with all the above tools on it, including also cloning tools for backuping your disk.

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